Friday, June 5, 2009

Safety First and Night Fears

The Boy always asks to walk through the back gate when we're picking the girls up from school.

The Boy: Can we go in the back gate?
Me: No we're not allowed to go through that gate and we will not ever be going through the back gate.
The Boy: Other people go through there.
Me: It's not safe because you walk through the car park and we don't do things that aren't safe.
The Boy: I do things that aren't safe. Like I play with sticks and I throw rocks.
Me: Hmmm ...

I suppose I should be happy that he remembers what we've told him is unsafe but it would be better if he actually took that into account.

Surprisingly The Boy does have some fear. He used to be petrified of the rat that used to live in the roof at the old house. It would tap on the light fitting in the kitchen at night and he would wake up screaming. He would not be happy until he had gone and turned on the light which seemed to scare the rat away.

He was also scared of the possums ... if you live in Melbourne you would understand this ... they make the worst hissing noise at night. Many nights we would be up with him crying about the possums. They don't seem to be as big a problem at our new house, I think I've only heard them a couple of times since we've been here.

Now his bed buts up close to the window in his room and he doesn't like the blind to gape at all so we have a nightly ritual which involves pushing the bed hard up against the wall and wedging one of his teddies between the bedhead and the blind. The other night it was lion's turn.

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