Monday, June 1, 2009

It's June ...

which means it's time for the May roundup page. (Credits)

May was a month of beautiful autumn weather. There were many mild, sunny days and the leaves were finally changing colour. The gardens and dams could have done with a lot more rain though. 2 - I went to Billy Elliot with mum and the girls. We went for lunch first at an Italian restaurant mum had been wanting to try. The show was fantastic, one of the best musicals, I’ve been to. For the first week of May we struggled again with blocked sewerage and flush rationing, a call to the plumber got that fixed; I also had my regular visit to the library but started to get my pile down to a manageable size. 4 - Helped at Ethan’s class for PMP. 7- Ethan was complaining about cold legs so I picked up the long, wool socks which seemed to make him happy. 8 - Ethan had the inter-house cross country and Sara got her hair cut. 9- Andrew and Tiffany’s 40th birthday. Unbelievable party, fantastic food, entertainment and marquis all with an Italian theme (a little bit mafia), 10 - Mother’s Day. 14 - Helped out for literacy in Ethan’s class. He did really well. 15 - Morning tea with the mums from Ethan’s class followed by Hayley’s district cross country in the afternoon. 16 - Our roses are having their final flush of flowers before it’s time to prune them. Ethan was sick so the kids didn’t go to soccer. 18- Geoff flew out for China today and Ethan missed the next 2 days of school with a sore throat. 19 - Put Ethan to work since he was home, helping clean up the leaves at the front door. 20 - Excursion with Ethan to the Royal Botanic gardens. 21- A very foggy morning. 22 - Hayley had a Pyjama Party at kids church. She invited Rebecca from school and they had a great time. Lots of games with yummy prizes and some Mr Bean DVD’s. 23 - Took the kids to soccer, then at night they had to come with me to the Alpha night. They got a double dose of Kids Church this weekend. 24 - Went into mum and dad’s for lunch - roast lamb and dad made a white chocolate and raspberry sponge roll. 25 - Sara won a principle’s award at school for her maths. 26 - Canteen duty and we started a new study at small group about poverty and justice. 27 - Sara had an excursion to the NGV to see the Blake exhibition. I was disappointed that I couldn’t volunteer for that one but we had a lunch with the mum’s from her class to celebrate Fiona’s rapidly approaching due date. Went to Wildflower in Canterbury. 28 - Had a messed up day today, I’d left the washing on the line and it got wet yesterday and I forgot to bring in Ethan’s shorts. Had a mad rush to try to dry them in 10 mins so we could get to school. Semi- successful using a combo of the dryer and the iron. 29 - Met with the girls from Hayley’s year 1 class and her year 1 teacher who was visiting from London. 30 - Geoff came home, he met us at soccer. Good to have him back. 31 - Took the kids ski gear for fitting and found that last years stuff all still fits. We can go skiing without having to worry about gear at least.

Deb over at picked one of my layouts for LOTW so it's featured on the homepage this week. It was one of my SUTUCS contest layouts so I did it last month and just posted now that the contest was finished.

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Beautiful, clever layout, Melissa Well done :)