Thursday, May 7, 2009

WordArt:Mother by Donna Duncombe

Donna Duncombe has this fun Wordart:Mother set out just in time for Mother's Day. It's good for American ... why is it mom over there? ... and Aussies Mum's. Not sure about the rest of you English speakers out there ... Mum or Mom?

Here's a layout I did using it for the What's in the Pickle Jar 1st-15th May @ pickleberrypop. I also used Donna's Frame Clusters, Heaven Sent, Joyful Season, Suntorn Papers and Sunkissed ... I think I remembered everything!

The journaling says: Dear Kids, This Mother's Day do you think you could
  1. Keep your pants dry
  2. Keep your thumb out of your mouth
  3. Aviod talking about pokemon and bakugan.
I'm not sure whether it's a legitimate use of Mother's Day layouts to have a whinge but there you go. See if you can work out which relates to what kid. Seriously, life is pretty good when you have to whinge about these things. Seeing them written down gives some good perspective ... lets me have a laugh at myself ... also lets you have a laugh at me.

Kind of related is Jen's post Escape from If Only! Island. An honest post about being thankful and something that I could relate to.

Also Donna has made it into Week 1 of the SUTYCD Contest @ DSA. She has made this beautiful kit Happy Days that you can pick up for free. Links are in the description. .
If you like the kit scrap with it and you can enter the SYTYCD - SCRAPPIN' Contest!.


barb said...

Cute kit! Happy Mother's Day!

Cindy said...

I normally called her "Mom". However, if I am playful, I will call her "Mum" or "Ma". She hates it when I call her "Ma". Happy Mother's Day!

Bev said...

cute kit! I say mother, but my my mother in law says mum she is from canada!

amy said...

cute stuff!

Audrey said...

I was just at Donna's blog -- love seeing her word art here.

My girls call me Momma, (my biggest, who is 12, still calls me Mommy sometimes) although sometimes my youngest will call me a combination of my name (Audrey) and "madre" which is spanish for mother, so it comes out sounding like "modrey."

HulasWithHalo said...

Love the LO you did for the picklejar challenge....too cute.
I havent started mine yet too busy with real life stuff...hopefully I will get to this weekend....Its Mother's Day after all and I get to do what I want and i want to scrap dagnabbit!!! lol :) Im so glad it's Friday!! Hope you have a good one! Be safe xoxo

HulasWithHalo said...

Oh and just for the record its MUM although MOM when flipped upside down says WOW...I kinda like that!! ;)

gabs said...

this wordart is too cute - thanks for sharing

Amandac said...

Um it's Mum or Ma!!! (with exclamation marks) or if I want to annoy her I call her Mumbles, from when she get her dentures and she was getting used to having them in bwhahaha she can't stand it *grin*. my girls call me Mamma or Muuuuuum with a whine in it ROFL