Monday, May 25, 2009

Trusting in God

I was in a discussion with some ladies on Saturday night who are refugees from Sudan and one said after explaining that she came from a bad place, that she has no expectations for the future but all she could do was pray and trust in God. Now you can understand where she's coming from, out of a situation where a person's most basic needs and even their life is threatened, where circumstances are completely out of their own hands, the only thing left is faith in God.

In Australia, because we are so wealthy in comparison and have so many opportunities it is easy to trust in ourselves and our own resources but still many people in our country live in great stress. There's probably many reaons but I see two things. Frustration when something or someone gets in the way of our plans. As a mum I can't help but come to see how much really is out of my hands and when things don't quite work out as I plan, I've learnt to roll with it a bit more.

The other is fear. Fear of what might go wrong in the future. When you're relying on your own resources to see you through life there is always fear that something might go wrong. Any security we think we have through our own effort is an illusion but our security in God is real. No matter what happens I know that in the end it will really work out well because God is in control.

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