Thursday, May 7, 2009

Some Updates

I did a layout using Donna's kit for the SYTYCD Competition, it's doing double duty as my N4D Quote Challenge layout. Wordart is a freebie you can pick up on Donna's blog.

Now to our blocked toilets. The plumber came out on Wednesday, he was here when I got home from school pickup so the back drain is all clear now ... we have one free flushing toilet. When I mentioned the front pipes he insisted it would all be fine now ... he even humoured me and went round the side and looked down the drain. Well they are not fine and are still draining slowly ... grrr ... it's OK as long as we don'ts have too many flushes in a short time. Anyone else feel like a dingbat when tradies come around? I probably should have pushed the issue a bit more.

May 2-17th is Fairtrade Fortnight ... I know we're already half way through but if you can try to buy Fairtrade coffee and chocolate. Don't know much about Fairtrade ... you can start here.

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HulasWithHalo said...

Great layout!! I grabbed the word art :) I can relate to toilet problems...I have a button that gets stuck and so the water keeps running into the bowl @ a slow trickle and the sistern hisses!