Saturday, May 23, 2009

PJ Party and Soccer

Big Girl had her PJ Party at church last night, she took a friend from school. I was wondering how things would go having to drag the other kids out and about after bedtime so I rang my parents in the morning and they agreed to watch the two youngest while I took Big Girl. Much easier ... I just stayed for the parents info evening running at the same time. The girls seemed to have a good time ... Big Girl was getting herself all excited before we even left the house.
We've been taking The Boy and Little girl to soccer but they whinge and complain a fair bit and they usually don't take part in the fun game at the end of training. Today they got in there ... as you can see
it's no fun at all ...

Little Girl is having a terrible time ...

we really don't want to play.

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Amandac said...

hahaha they look like are having an awful time Melissa rofl! Your big girl looks nice and warm in the fluffy dressing gown - I have one like it and I love it to bits :)