Thursday, May 21, 2009

Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens (again)

The Boy's first excursion was yesterday. The excitement was high ... but luckily there was heaps of parent helpers so I only had to keep my eye on The Boy and one other ... phew. Again they started out with a quick snack before being led around the gardens. The Boy was the last one left eating on the tarp ... didn't seem to bother him.
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First detour was a trip through the hidden paths and a look at the undersea garden.

We saw these on Little Girls tour too. Tiny bananas, that's as big as they'll grow in cold Melbourne.

This is a palm tree that has little tiny coconuts (about the size of a twenty cent piece), they had all dropped now but you can still see the pods they came out of.

Next stop was the oak lawn where the fallen leaves provided a lot of fun.

Now what's The Boy got planned?

Just what I need ... a face full of dirt.

Potting his bulb. Now Little Girl and The Boy will have matching plants.

After this we headed back and had some lunch followed by a play in the children's garden. I took The Boy round and showed the palm forest, observation deck and the tree to crawl under. Then the kids ran free throughout the garden (it's all fenced. By the time we rounded them all up they were red faced and sweaty after running throughout the "jungle". We were all feeling pretty tired on the way home and I once again felt bus sick ... I know ... it's embarassing. Here's The Boy with his pouch of lemon verbena.

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