Thursday, May 7, 2009

Library Books and Long Socks

Made it to the library yesterday to pick up a book on reserve that was waiting for me. I even returned some books. My library pile is now down to a less back breaking size:

When we picked up The Boy's winter uniform over the holidays I didn't get the socks because I figured he could just wear his summer ones. He's been complaining about cold legs so I made my way up to Bob Stewarts' and picked up the winter socks. Here he is:

The beanie is not part of school uniform, but he insisted on wearing it because his ears are cold. It's about stretched to it's limit ... it was originally Big Girls when she was about one. OK she did have a huge head ... but not that big.
We often have the funniest conversations and completely random conversations walking from the car to school in the morning. We had proceeded maybe 5m up the footpath when ...

The Boy: Yikes! A dead possum! (not so random, there was a dead possum on the footpath. hopefully it will be gone before it starts to reek.)

a bit further on ...

The Boy: Elephants have horns coming out of their nose.
Me: You mean the tusks?
The Boy: Yeah ... just like those others ... you know ... magnums.
Me: ??? ... oh you mean mammoths?
The Boy: Yeah those. We saw them in a movie, and there's a nut, and it falls down, and the ice breaks ...


Rose City Reader said...

Adorable pictures!

I am interested to know what you think of The Historian. As a rule, I do not like, do not read, and have zero interest in vampire books. But I got a copy of The Historian by chance, read it, and was completely absorbed by it. I thought it was great.

Anonymous said...

Love the Ice Age story LOL

What a busy week, again. Love the beanie, and Donna's entry in the SYTYCD :)