Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Harry and Us

Hubby and I watched Marley and Me last night, and yes, I did cry. It brought back memories of when Harry was a younger. We got Harry a year before Big Girl was born. He just turned 11 years old this month.

Couldn't stop laughing when they brought him home and he whined and cried the whole night. Harry did that ... he was locked in the area near our toilet ... we had to repaint where he scratched all the paint off.

I took him to dog obedience school and for the last week they had an obedience competition. Harry was so excited he jumped up and humped my leg about three times in the short walk around the square.

Hubby spent a fair amount of time one summer sewing the buttons back onto the outdoor cushions at mum and dad's holiday house.

I lost track of the number of roses and camelia's he chewed down to a stick.

He broke the birdbath playing with his friend.

Our old house had all chewed corners on the outside, we used to sit inside and hear the grinding.

He spent a week at the vet hospital and 3 weeks recovering after surgery to remove the kids skipping rope from his intestine.

We ended up having to find a keenel to put him in when we went away because he wrecked too many things over at Hubby's sister's place.

He's getting old now ...


but he still likes to get out to the park for a walk.


Who's taking who for a walk?


Make that a run. Ooh a friend.


Better got that slobber back under control.


The Boy is not impressed.


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