Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to Me

Last night my brother had his 40th birthday party. Gorgeous setup with Italian mafia kind of theme. Entertainment, food, decoration were all top notch. I knew the food would be fantastic so I only had a couple of dimsims at the Alpha course that I'm helping at on Saturday nights. I left there as soon as it finished and picked up my sister, BIL and Hubby on the way. We left at a reasonable hour because we had Hubby's sister babysitting and I might want to ask her to babysit again. I was very glad we had a decent amount of sleep when Hayley came in a 7AM exactly to say Happy Mother's Day. It was OK though, they came bearing gifts.

From Little Girl:
Notice the first sentence under What I will Do: ... maybe she's been saw this layout. There was also a couple of cards, a bookmark from Chinese class and a magnetic notepad, should come in handy for the shopping list

From Big Girl: A bookmark in French
A card written in heiroglyphics as well as a back massager and soap.

This is The Boy's special piece of work. He also brought a little purse from the stall at school, and insisted this morning that I now had to give him my wallet. Hopefully he'll forget about that.
They also brought some flowers.

We also have a collection of free flowers at the moment. The florist gave the white ones to the kids last night. The others are from my brothers party, he brought them around to my sisters today when we met for brunch to celebrate Mother's Day. There were a few bleary eyes around, the party didn't wrap up completely until 4AM.
When we get together it's never quiet especially with 10 kids around. Expecially with the forward thinking displayed by some members of the family.

Ooh, some steps.

Place the foot just right to get a good launch ...
Woo hoo!!!

I'm pretty proud of myself ...
Cousin: Woah, that was close.
The Boy: What?

Impulse control's not a big thing round here ... hey, that's Grandma's present.

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