Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Girl Getting Closer to God

The kids had to come to Alpha with me on Saturday night because Hubby is away. Big Girl met some lovely girls at kids church ... she was very excited that she could practice her Chinese with them...Chinese church is on at the same time ... and wants to go back for the rest of the term ... that's right do a double dose of Kids church each weekend.

On Monday she asked me to start reading the bible and praying with her again, she'd gone through a bit of a doubting stage last year. We were walking back to the car today after school and she said "I think I want to get closer to God, I think it's the right time". I had hoped that she would come around but it was good to hear those words. I said she's going about it the right way, reading her bible and praying. It's good when the initiative comes from them and apparently one of her friends that she invited to church and now goes regularly as well is also starting to pray ... good news indeed.

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