Monday, May 4, 2009

Flushing is now rationed at our house

Yes we once again have blocked sewerage. Luckily it's not completely blocked and drains away slowly ... so far we've managed to avoid sewerage flowing out into the garden like last time ... it helps that our showers and laundry is diverted to water the lawn. Currently the front toilet is allocated to number 2 because at least that flushes properly ... half-flush only please. Full flush is banned in the back toilet because I don't want to clean the overlow when it fails to drain out of the bowl.

In more good news Hubby moved office last Friday and Telstra has failed to connect up the ADSL yet which means no email for the business ... or me ... probably a bit more dire for business but I did need to get my second chair for small group to email to my second email address all my small group addresses. Got to love Telstra ... apologies to any Telstra connections out there. I'm also unable to log in to finish our tax ... deadline is 15th May for the ATO but I think our accountant will probably want it before then so I'll be doing a trip into the office tomorrow to try to finish it ... grrr.

I need to finish my current read tonight. It's due back at the library tomorrow and someone is waiting for it.

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tamara said...

Gosh I hope you get to fix your flushing problem soon.