Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The disciples were skeptics too

For the next few weeks in small group we are going to be bringing something to share with the group from our journaling during the week. Last year I started sharing something from my journal each week but like most things it's fallen off so I'm going to try to revive it ... no guarantees.

Last nights reading included this:

These returned and reported it to the rest, but they did not believe them either. Mark 13:16

Now what's going on is that some of the disciples had seen Jesus resurrected but the others didn't believe them. It got me thinking about what kind of evidence we need to believe in the resurrection. People often say these days that the people of Jesus time were superstitious and gullible and as such were likely to believe all sorts of wacky things but the NT doesn't support this. Even the disciples who had been with Jesus didn't believe in the resurrection until they had seen it with their own eyes. This is true even as the church grew, the early apologists often addressed this issue.

The first mention of converts who had not seen Jesus personally was at Pentecost. These converts would have been able to verify some of the facts but they did not personally see Jesus. They did got a demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit. I think there is good evidence to believe in the resurrection but I also think from personal experience that it is the Holy Spirit that convicts us. In fact it is hard to see how the early church would have got off the ground without the spirit of God working in people's lives.

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gabs said...

your thoughts are wonderful - thanks for sharing them