Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daily Digi More with 4 Challenge

I decided to do the more with 4 challenge at The Daily Digi. I picked the digi-dare #4 and decided to use a story I've shared here on my blog before but I thought it was worth scrapping.


I used the blog post and re-worked it for the journaling:
I know the title is dramatic, the story isn't that exciting, some will say it's boring, in fact when I brought it up with Geoff about a month ago he didn't even remember it - and he was there (he could be blocking it out due to emotional scars), but I look back at who I was and what I was doing then and I can’t help but be surprised about where I am now. If you had told me in the future faith in Christ would be number one in my life I would have thought you were crazy.

Geoff and I were sitting in his car chatting ... now he's not one to wear his emotions on his sleeve and talking about faith is still really difficult for him, and he comes out with this gem "church - you know it's important to me". Me being the sensitive person that I am burst out laughing. So I'm laughing hysterically and he's sitting there with this completely serious look on his face and after about a minute of me cracking up and him all serious I say "you're serious aren't you". Geoff: "yes" ... silence follows then the subject is changed.

A bit of background - Geoff had not at this time made any commitment to Christ and was basically living the full crazy university experience complete with late night clubbing etc.,etc,so you can see why I at first thought he was having a joke. Growing up in the church he knew all about it, obviously thought it was important but hadn't yet taken the stand to say "I'm going to follow Christ". My previous experience of church had been through school and the one person I knew who went to church at school, well she was just weird. In fact commitment to faith was completely outside my experience and the experience of any of my friends.

Anyway I thought about this for a little while (about 10mins) and came to the conclusion if we were going to keep going out I should at least find out a little bit about something he considered important. To be continued ...

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katef - said...

Great Lo and loving reading your story!!