Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Boys Cross Country

The Boy had his inter house cross country at school today. The excitement level was pretty high when I dropped him off at school, it was the first time the kids had worn their house T-shirts and they were all checking each other out.

Getting 66 excited preps to somehow run a cross country seemed to me a recipe for chaos so I was very interested to see how it went. All the junior school is bused out to the sports grounds at Bulleen ... another first for the preps. The big kids were sitting in the stands while the Prep-Grade 2 occupied a rectangular, white piece of plastic on the oval. The Boys teacher had almost lost her voice by the time I got there. Here he is looking pretty pleased with himself. His buddy alternated between mothering him, the older girls love to pick him up and carry him around ... sit with him on their laps, etc. ... he doesn't argue.
They split each year in half to run the races. One of the PE teachers got on his bike and when the whistle went he started riding ... the kids chased after him round the oval until the end. It was very clever ... and very entertaining ... hilarious actually. Of course most races also had the obligatory trip and fall at the start. This is The Boy coming into the finishing line. He looks pretty good unfortunately he probably needs to do at least double the number of strides to keep up.

Little Girl got her haircut today. She likes to get it short and I was supporting her because keeping the tangles down was getting difficult. The bonus was, she had swimming yesterday so I got them to wash her hair.

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