Thursday, April 30, 2009

Royal Botanical Gardens

Yesterday I went with Little Girls class on an excursion to the Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens. It was an excellent day. We arrived by bus and picked up some tarpaulins from the organisers because it was a bit damp on the grass. It is extremely well run and organised ... someone has used their brain and some commmon sense ... which can be a bit rare these days. The enclosed yard where we ate moring tea also had these benches which doubled as boxes for the girls to leave their bags in so they didn't have to carry them around. They were waterproof as well ... very clever. Here we are ...Barbara was our guide for the morning, she was wonderful, very knowledgable. We started in the Ian Potter Foundation children's garden. First up was the food garden. The summer veges were just finishing ... there were plenty of pumpkins around.
Next we went single file following Barbara around the rest of the children's garden. Some places were too small for the adults to fit through. This is the growing bamboo house.

This is in the grove of Bangalor palms. They were very cold to touch.

After going up the sightseeingwalkway, which was open grating so the kids dropped sand in our hair when they were walking around up there, we headed out to the main gardens. This is a plant that has little flowersin the middle of the leaves ... yes those things that look like bugs are actually the flowers.

The girls also got to plant a daffodil bulb each to take back to school with them.
Here's Barb and the class. Doesn't this tree look like the whomping willow in the Harry Potter films?

Our final stop was the herb garden. The girls had to walk around and find the plants that smelt like lemon, lime, tootthpaste, black jellybeans and pineapple. Then they made a little satchet eac of dried lemon verbena leaves. Little Girl having a smell.

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