Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kids back at school

The Boy wasn't too happy going in, there were a few tears. He's a bit unsure about everything after having a few weeks off but I'm sure he'll be fine. With the kids gone I could get a few jobs done today. First up was some supermarket shopping, the cupboards were looking bare. Then I dropped some books back at the library. I actually managed to drop off 6 books without taking anymore out ... it helped that Hubby has my library card.

Then I picked up this ...
an EHD. No, I did not pick the colour, that was all they had in that size. I had hoped to get a new computer late last year but due to the financial crises it's a no go so I've been shuffling files around but space has got critical and the computer is having spasms. I've shifted a whole heap of layouts, scrapping supplies and photos off my computers hard drive so hopefully I won't be seeing the dreaded low disk space message in a while.

I almost forgot ... driving to pick up The Boy from school this afternoon there was a learner motorbike chick on Canterbury road and as I drove past I saw she had a huge plumber's crack happening. You'd think she'd be a bit breezy back there. Yes ... I'm amused by the little things.

Later I went out to get in the washing and saw this near our back door. It's grown up between the house and the pavers.
Tonight small group is back on, coffee and chat night ... chocolate cake in the oven. Yum!

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