Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Activities

Somehow I ended up with the job of preparing for the morning easter egg hunt ... crack of dawn and all that ... not exactly my cup of tea ... but worth it for the kids excitement.

Big Girl ...Apparently the Easter bunny has chickens that lay chocolate eggs so all he has to do is wrap them and delver them.

The Boy and a cousin:
Grandpa's trying to steal the eggs:Big Girl sharing out the eggs between everyone so it's fair for the younger kids.Afterwards we had our breakfast and the kids got stuck into th easter eggs. We went to church at the Wave in Ocean Grove which is our home away from home when we're down here.
We had a long lunch, most celebrations involving our family revolve around good food and wine ... mmm. Today was roast beef then we sat outside and had cheese and some more homemade hot cross buns coutesy of Tan.and the boys did the dishes.


katef said...

oh sounds like a lovely day spent celebrating!

Brook said...

It looks like your kids had so much fun. It rained in my neck of the woods.

dawn said...

Gorgeous family pics - and what a naughty Grandpa :) Hope you had a great Easter :)