Friday, May 1, 2009

Challenge: Sunshine Smackdown -- Battle of the Prizes

This challenge pits winners of the Pulitzer Prize for fiction against the winners of the National Book Award. Does one prize have higher standards than the other? Pick better winners? Provide more reading entertainment or educational value? Maybe challenge participants will be able to answer these and more questions – maybe they will simply read three great books!


Choose three books that you have not read before:

1) One that won both the Pulitzer and the National;
2) One that won the Pulitzer but not the National; and
3) One that won the National but not the Pulitzer.

Read between May 1 2009 and September 7 2009.

My choices:

1) The Fixer by Bernard Malamud
2) Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. I had to change to March by Geraldine Brooks because the wait at the library was too long.
3) Sophie's Choice by William Styron

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Rose City Reader said...

Thanks for signing up! I added you link to the "participants" list. Please leave comments with links to your reviews and progress reports and I will add them to update posts as the challenge progresses.

Have fun!