Thursday, April 23, 2009

Border Doodles by Donna Duncombe

Check out these cute border doodles by Donna Duncombe. You can pick them up at nuts4digi or scrapbird.They are full size 12x12 borders. I've used them to cut out and edge my paper and photos on this layout. It's really easy. In PSE:
  1. Make sure you've got the border layer selected then use the magic wand to select the area inside the border.
  2. Then select>inverse
  3. Now highlight your photo or paper.
  4. Press Delete.
  5. You'll probably want to merge the doodle and photo layers now.
This summer we got a bumper crop of apricots and here's the layout.

Journalling: Moving into a new house, the first year is a constant surprise in the garden as each season comes around. We didn’t take a lot of notice of what was in the garden so imagine our pleasant surprise when a few of the trees started to bear fruit in spring. The largest was the apricot tree which, although suffering from a fair bit of neglect and what looked to be several years without pruning, was literally covered with fruit. Netting the tree in late November was quite an exercise because of it’s overgrown state but we eventually managed to get the net covering the whole tree. Then we just had to wait. Late January and the first fruits were beginning to ripen. We got home from our holidays at Pt Lonsdale in the middle of Melbourne’s worst heatwave. We knew we needed to start harvesting. The kids took 3-4 apricots in their lunch everyday for the first two weeks of school and came home and had more for afternoon tea. Hayley has decided she no longer likes store bought apricots and I can’t really blamne her. The flavour of our apricots was wonderful. Evenings were spent outside in the garden picking and bottling. Mum took a heap to make apricot jam. We ended up with about 20 bottles of apricots and 15 jars of jam. Finally we took the net off and allowed the birds to finish off what was left, they stripped the tree in 2 days.

I also used Donna's Sunkissed and Sunkissed Doodles


Melissa said...

Lovely page there :)

gabs said...

those doodles are amazingly gorgeous

HulasWithHalo said...

Love the doodles and how you used them....lovely LO!