Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blessed Be Scalloped Paper Pack by Donna Duncombe

Donna Duncombe now has a scalloped paper pack that coordinates with her BlessedBe kit. The pack contains 5 pieces of scalloped cardstock with 4 matching borders.
Here's my layout.

On another note ... The Boy has been getting out of line again. I picked him up from school yesterday and he had been surfing down the muddy hill on the oval with a couple of his friends. The teachers were not amused. Mr Smith had to help the boys clean off their shoes which were covered in a couple centimetres of mud. It didn't help the situation that Prep students are not allowed to use that oval on Tuesdays ... oops. The white skivvy ... who picks white for boys? ... was christened with lovely orange muddy fingerprints. I am back to using nappysan daily with The Boy at school now.


MiniBullyMom aka Laura B. said...

Pretty!!!! I normally don't go for scalloped stuff but these are really nice.

tamara said...

Don't you just love little boys.

mathildescrap said...

beautiful product
sweet page love the design

Lori said...

uh oh! i am sure mine will pull some antics too!