Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wild weather and other inanities

This year has been the year for extreme weather round here. Firstly we had the hottest hot streak in Melbourne's history at the end of January, then Black Saturday in February. Monday we got a text from emergency services warning of high winds for Tuesday and there was a fair bit of concern about the fires that are still burning ... luckily they all stayed within containment lines. This photo was taken before the change came through, there was a fair bit of dust in the air. The good news - it rained and it smelt so good ... it's been a while. Up until then we'd had 3.6mm for the year ... yep you read that right.

I went to the supermarket today, came home with 24 rolls of toilet paper. I'm not sure how long that will last. Why is it that the amount of toilet paper used seems to be inversely proportional to bottom size? I'm trying to get the kids to use less without much success. This explains our blocked sewerage on the weekend, luckily we managed to get it to clear by repeated flushing ... we only had the plumber in January to unblock a very persistent blockage. About now I could share a photo of the sewerage that has overflowed into the yard but you might be eating so I'll give it a miss.

The Boy's class sung a song at Junior School Assembly yesterday for the first time. He did what he was supposed to so that was good and all the big kids gave them a huge cheer which was nice.

We went to the a family picnic at The Boy's school last Friday. The Boy was quite at home, talking to other parents and kids. There was a Thomas train to ride on that cost $2 a ride so we gave him some money and he had a few rides but then the money ran out and we said no more. He disappeared off for a while and it turns out he got his buddy who is in year 5 to pay for a ride. We had to give him the talk about not asking other people for things. Later when it was nearly time to leave I could see him chatting away to the seniour school girl who was organising the rides and holding her hand. Turns out he was trying to get her to let him on without paying "You could pretend I've paid"

I think we need to have a few more talks. Problem is, he's so cute, people let him get away with all sorts of stuff.


Anonymous said...

He'll go far in this life, Mel LOL ! Little crawler :p

What a fun read, except for the weather parts :( Hope you get some more, much needed rain, to put those horrid fires out.

Deb (canpeg)

A-M said...
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A-M said...

He does look like a sweet son.

I would say... watch out girls when he grows up, if he is that good at charming now!!!!!!