Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Vege Patch

My sister planted a vege patch at the end of last year and while we were down at the beach house together I idly mentioned in front of Hubby that I wouldn't mind doing a bit of vege planting myself. Well he was onto it like a shot and while he was up here by himself, working over summer he also came home and cleared out the vege patch which had been idle since before we moved in last Easter. So now I have no excuse ... I have the perfect patch with a dripper system.I planted out some herbs last weekend and I've ordered a whole heap of heritage vege seeds that my sister and I are going to share out. You can just refer to our place as the commune from now on.

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RobinW said...

Wow, how nice. I grew some heritage oxheart tomatoes for a few years...yummy!