Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kid Stories

Big Girl had her house swimming sports at school yesterday. Her swimming has improved heaps this year, she's been swimming at school squad on Tuesday mornings. She got third in the 50m frrestyle and 50m backstroke, second in the 50m breaststroke and her team came first in the 4X25m freestyle relay and fourth in the kickboard relay. She was also supposed to be in the 4X25m medley relay (butterfly leg) and the novelty relay but these events got cancelled because they ran out of time.
Now some stories from The Boy ... he's been really enjoying school ... unfortunately it hasn't been quite that enjoyable for his teachers. He wagged his first class a couple weeks back ... that's right ... 3 weeks into prep. He snuck out of the art room and the teachers found him playing in the sandpit. He is desperate to go to a friends for a play so we've told him we'll organise one when he can go 5 days without causing problems at school. We'll probably get his auditory processing checked since we know Big Girl has issues with that.

I went to the parent helper's course on Thursday and the coordinator was saying how some kids will be allowed to have a special cushion to sit on or something tactile to play with to help them concentrate in class. She told how she had the preps the day before and there was one boy who played with bluetack. I had my suspicions it was The Boy and I asked him when we got home ... he answered yes with a big smile. It's good that they allow the kids to do that ... at least these days schools don't just label kids naughty but try to work out why they're not listening.

Yesterday after school he came home and was making himself some cereal, he seems to be very hungry after school and was singing a song and carrying the honey over his shoulder upside down. I walked into the room just after the lid fell off but of course he didn't realise. There was a big blob of honey on the lid then a trail following the Boy. I yelled stop and he did a slow turn leaving himself surrounded by an almost perfect circle of honey. Nice.

Hubby insists the kids clean their rooms on Saturday morning. The Boy came to have his checked and I found this:
Me: What's this?
The Boy: My mountain.
Me: We don't do mountains, pack it away.
The Boy: Not my mountain.

Later when I was downloading the photos to the computer the kids were checking them out and The Boy says "my volcano". Little Girls verdict: You made a mess.


Di at Legacy4Life said...

He he. Love the story about the mountain. Sounds like my kids except I get "I didn't do it!!" meanwhile I SAW them doing it.
Love your stories.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, Mel ! Out of the mouths of babes. :ittle Girl obviously has been told what a mess is LOL

Deb (canpeg)