Sunday, March 15, 2009

Church Family Camp Part 2

This is the second part of our camp story, part 1 is here.

The kids enjoyed the challenge of the low ropes course:

On Sunday afternoon we went down to the beach. It wasn't swimming weather but the tide was out and that's always a lot of fun.

I got Hubby to take this photo to prove that I really was there at the weekend.

The last morning we made model airplanes with the kids. Unfortunately the only glue we had was superglue and of course I ended up with it all over my fingers and had to peel various plane bits and even the tube of glue that got stuck to my fingers as we made them. The planes survived a few crash landings ...
Now the best bit ... well for other mum's like me ... no thinking about meals ... all weekend we just rocked up at the dining room when the bell went ... ah, bliss. Of course just like school camp we had a duty roster, but that was OK, we chatted while we worked. Meals of course were a bit chaotic with all the kids ... this is about half the dining room.
and the food was really good. There was even morning and afternoon tea provided .. homecooked cakes, muffins and even scones.

I'm so glad we decided to go, it was good for all of us to form stronger relationships with some other families from church and a really positive experience for the kids. It was also good for them to be able to have some independence in such a safe environment. We shut the front gates and let them roam the campsite, knowing that there were plenty of adults around to keep an eye out.


Di at Legacy4Life said...

Definately looks like a lot of fun.

JanMary said...

Our church has church weekends away, last year we went to Castlewellan Castle here in N Ireland.

Great fun for all, and the kids love all the company.

Nice to have a pic of you - I am rarely in photos either.

Mousey said...

Hey sweetie, I have an award for you on my blog :o)