Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Busy Weekend

Last weekend was really busy, but good busy. First up Saturday morning I rang my sister and we headed off to the Farmers Market in Richmond. It runs every Saturday morning and the prices and quality are great. We scored these beauties - $8 for 6kg trays. Picked up 5 between us, unfortunately the car was a bit of a hike and my arms are still stiff from carrying them.

I got home about 10AM to pick up the girls and go buy a birthday present for a party Big Girl was due at at 10:45AM. Present in hand, thank-you smiggle, we hopped back in the car just as the heavens opened. It absolutely poured for about an hour ... resulting in mad dash into party, back to car and from car to house ... here's our very sturdy gutter dealing with the rain.
There was still a small matter of the 5 trays of peaches to deal with. After lunch my sis came back for some bottling and seed planting. Yes, we're also planting vege gardens so we got seeds together and did our first planting. I'm looking after the first batch of seedlings ... have to remember to water them otherwise I could face the wrath of the sister. Oh, and here's the first batch of bottles cooling down.
We also got sis to come back and babysit so Hubby and I could venture out. I've been wanting to go to Enoteca in North Carlton since it opened, which is now about 4 years ago I think, and so we made a last minute booking for 8PM. It wasn't a let down. I had a yummy glass of Italian white while we nibbled on a selection of olives - warm olives. Hubby and I shared the three tastes plate which had a prawn over bellini granita, sausage on lentile and mustard fruits and arancini with anchovies, fetta and I can't remember what else. Double yum. For main I had kingfish with a fennel, cherry tomato and this wierd fruit I can't remember the name of. Dessert was a chocolate semifredo with nougat in the middle served with a shot of coffee liquor and expresso to pour over. I'm glad we finally got to go, the meal was superb. We made it an early anniversary celebration which is next week.Earlier in the week Dad came over to put up some shelves in our kitchen. My pantry was limited in size and so I found I kept having to go to the supermarket because I had nowhere to store extra stuff. Sunday I did a big shop at the supermarket and cleaned out the pantry.

Hubby and BIL also put up two sets of shelves back to back in the passage between the entry and the dining room that we never use. I can access from the entry to store our bottles and from the dining room for the kids craft things and books.
All in all a very productive weekend.


tamara said...

Oh so busy Mel. I wish I could be as productive.

Anonymous said...

WOW Mel ! Those bottles bring back memories ... Just remember the wrath of that sister, too :p

What a busy beaver you have been - you know you should be doing Project 365 :p

Deb (canpeg)