Monday, February 23, 2009

This Year ...

With the kids all at school this year I've had quite a few people asking me what I plan to do with myself. Usually I just laugh and say don't worry, I'll be able to amuse myself. Seriously there's been things I've put off for too long that I need to do and I've also picked up a few new activities.

  1. The cupboards, filing cabinet and my hard drive all need a thorough clean out and declutter, and I also need to get our tax done.
  2. I want to get stuck into the family albums and get a few books printed.
  3. I love to read so I'll try to do a bit more of that now the kids are a bit more independent.
  4. On a related note I was accepted as a book review blogger so I'll be reviewing some books on my blog this year. Hopefully I'll have my first ready by tomorrow.
  5. I'm still CTing at nuts4digi and I'm continuing on Donna Duncombe' team as well.
  6. Hubby cleaned out the vege garden over summer so I hope to start planting soon.
  7. I'm going ahead with mentoring at a local high school, just waiting to be allocated someone.
  8. I took on leadership of our small group for this year as well.
  9. I'm also going to help out at the kids schools this year which will be easier now I don't have anyone at home. So tuckshop, reading and PMP here I come.
That should keep me out of mischief. Number 1 for a start will probably take me a while.


Ellie said...

You sound like you have it all planned out! I wish I was as organised as you :)

Anonymous said...

Hope it all goes as planned, Melissa ! I can tell you No 1 DOES take a lot of time LOL

Deb (canpeg)