Thursday, December 4, 2008

Teacher's Presents

We made the teachers presents yesterday after school. Here's Little Girl stirring the caramel ...
and the mess part way through the whole exercise ...

We made coconut truffles from AWW Kids in the Kitchen. I probably wouldn't make these again. They were really easy except for the fact that I had to put the mixture in the freezer to get it firm enough to work with and they started to soften on the way to school.
Caramel chocolate slice

Chocolate Balls messy to make but yummy to eat.
The girls picked a Christmas decoration for their teachers to tie on the top ... Little Girl picked this reindeer
Here they all are ready to go to school. I used disposable alfoil containers from the supermarket ... the coconut truffles in separate cellophane bags in case they melted. The gift tags I made using Donna Duncombe's Christmas Doodles.
It's my birthday today. I got all my family and all Hubby's family to put money for my combined birthday and Christmas presents towards a macro lens. It arrived in the mail on Monday ... I only ordered it about noon on Friday, because it was my birthday I set aside a little bit of time to have a play ...
that's me in the reflection:

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JanMary said...

Thanks for visiting.

Those presents look delicious, and I love the foil containers you used to put them in - would never have thought of using those!

Happy birthday and enjoy your new lens - I am getting a new lens for christmas too.