Saturday, December 6, 2008

Maling Rd Kristkindle Festival

Yesterday was the girls last day of school, they finished at noon. Little Girl was sick so missed the day, plus the picnic afterwards for her year. She was sick three yimes in her bed so the washing machine got a good workout.

In the evening was the annual Maling Rd Kristkindle Festival so I wandered down with Big Girl and The Boy after tea. It was really hot yesterday and even in the evening the sun had a bite. The place was crowded ... we ran into four girls from Big Girl's class and a couple from Little Girl's as well as one from kinder. There was live music, the salvos got started on some carols which soon caught The Boy's attention.
I told the kids they could pick one ride ... The Boy wanted to go on the tea cups and Big Girl kindly offered to go with him. I refuse to go on rides like that because I get quite bad vertigo and don't want to set off a case that might put me in bed for a day.

The kids got a showbag each and some free jellybeans, and we took home some for Little Girl.

I finished the CD jewel case calendar for my parents today. I used the templates by Emily Powers @ We Are Storeytellers and Donna Duncombe's Heaven Sent @

Here's the complete set of pages.


Anonymous said...

CD calendar, Melissa !
That kettle looks beaut, too !

Sounds like it was all good fun, except your DD being sick :(

Deb (canpeg)

Anonymous said...

Some of my message has disappeared :(
I said, in the first line "Love your CD calendar, Melissa !"

Melanie aka Mom_of_5 said...

Fantastic CD calendar!!