Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Handmade Gifttags

I started out paper scrapbooking but I don't do it anymore, partly because the mess gets out of control but mainly because I'm cutting and pasting challenged, my handwriting is atrocious and it just never seems to turn out quite the way I plan in my head. Digiscrapping pretty much takes care of all those problems ... and there is that handy undo button.

So if I'm going to do something homemade, it needs to be easy ... I mean really easy. When I was printing out the CD calendar for mum and dad I realised I'd be wasting a bit of paper so I printed out these cute gift tags at the same time. The first is a cute felt Christmas tree from Donna Duncombe's Joyful Season the rest are from her Christmas Doodles pack both at I think they look fantastic and even if you're craft challenged like me you should have no problems ... if you've got kids you could even enlist them to do the cutting for you.


JanMary said...

Great idea - I always have extra bits of paper left when printing out digi stuff.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Flora said...

that is too cute melissa...donna's doodles work great as a gift tag...great idea...what kind of paper did you print on :)

oh said...

Just happened to trip over your blog and I love it. Coming back later to read more for detail but the idea of digiscrapping sounds excellent!