Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Christmas Tree is Up

It is traditional in our house to put the Christmas tree up on December 1st so I'll let the photos tell the story ...

Well maybe I'll add a few words. This is our nativity scene. When Hubby went to pick up the tree and decorations from dad's shed which happens to be about 40mins away I gave him strict instructions to make sure he came back with the whole nativity ... didn't he do a good job.
This year we are doing a Jesse Tree. Basically we do a bible reading from the OT each day pointing towards Christ then hang an ornament to represent the story. Afterwards we all pick a lolly from the bowl ... that staves off the grumbling due to our lack of cheap chocolate filled character themed advent calendar (read a better explanation here). The branch came off the top of a drought stressed camellia in the front garden and I just grabbed the ginger jar off the mantle ... I probably would have had to put it away to make way for cards anyway. I am using my digi scrap stash to make the decorations and print them out on some photo paper. Big Girl was first up to hang a decoration ... decided to go with oldest to youngest.
As soon as the kids had finished decorating the tree The Boy wanted to turn the lights on but I insisted they wait for daddy to come home for the official lighting up ceremony. Ta Da ...
and here's one without us blocking the view ...
I picked up a beautifully illustrated version of A Christmas Carol from the library so we'll curl up on the couch each night as the bedtime story. I also managed to find the kids Christmas CD down the bottom of one of the boxes.

Also Donna Duncombe is having a giveaway each day until Christmas on her blog. You really should check it out.

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marnie4two said...

Great photos! love to see little ones decorating the tree. Love your nativity set, too!

tamara said...

I love your nativity scene. Reminds me I must do something about one for my house. I agree about the advent calendars. We don't do supermarket variety ones either.

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog entry, Melissa ! How did you get such a great photo of your Tree with lights (minus the family) ! Mine always come out yuk !

Your oldest DD looks like an angel hanging the item on the tree :-)

Deb (canpeg)

Flora said...

wow your family is beautiful melissa...love the nativity set too :)

Mousey said...

ooohh I love your tree!!
We won't have one this year, so I'm living vicariously through everyone else LOL

susanrobinsondesigns said...

Great photos. Love the tree!