Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blog Advent Tour: Our Christmas Lunch

This post is part of the blog advent tour hosted by Marg and Kailana.

Food is always a big part of any celebration with my family. Both Christmas Day and New Years day lunches have their own traditions and particular menus. Now that I'm married I only get to do Christmas lunch with my parents and siblings every second year so I really look forward to it. This year would have been the off year but the rest of the family has taken off overseas for Christmas so we did lunch early. The bonus is that I have some photos to share from this year's Christmas lunch.

My sister-in-law hosted and did a beautiful job of setting the tables. Notice the crackers, the day just wouldn't be the same without the hats, corny jokes and cheap toys.

We have a turkey cooked on the BBQ.
Helping ourselves
My plate
All followed up by mum's plum pudding with brandy custard and cream, yum. Sorry no photo, I got distracted .


  1. Kailana said...
    Nice, you have your post up already! Thanks for joining in! You have an award waiting for you at my blog. :)
    Marg said...
    Your table looks gorgeous! You know, I don't think I have ever had New Year's Day lunch.

    Thanks so much for participating in the tour!
    Flora said...
    wow looks great melissa...everything looks so beautiful and yummy.thanks for sharing your special day :0)
    Melissa said...
    What a fabulous idea. Love the idea of crackers, never have done them. Maybe I should start...
    Krissi said...
    Looks delicious.
    Memory said...
    Ooh, I'm hungry now! What a nice tradition.
    Bogsider said...
    Wonderful images!!!! And what a pretty table, even with the poppers and all that. And you food looks absolutely delicious. Have a very merry Christmas :o)


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