Sunday, December 7, 2008

Absolute Cuteness Ahead ...

The Boy played the donkey in the nativity play at church last night and this morning ... very, very cute. He did such a good job and really enjoyed himself, joining in all the actions for the songs. He musn't take after Hubby who, I've been told by reliable sources, used to jump down behind the choir stalls and play when he was supposed to be singing at the annual Sunday school concert.

The full body shot ...

Now it's Sunday so that means I pick an entry from my journal. This week is from Wednesday - Acts 15:19

It is my judgement, therefore, that we should not make it difficult for the gentiles who are turning to God

This is Peter in response to demands by a group of Jewish Christians insisting the Gentiles coming to Christ be circumcised. Peter rules against this but does go on to stipulate some things the gentiles should avoid. This can apply to us today, it is very important that we make sure when we share our faith that we don't make requirements out of things that are not central to the gospel. There are many traditions that are not essential to our faith, but in the same way there are also things that may be beneficial to the new believer. It takes some wisdom and a good look at what we are doing to determine what are the essentials and what are beneficial, we still need to make sure we are preaching the full gospel and not a watered down version. This is not what Peter is talking about.

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gabs aka evitangel said...

LOL some awesome and adorable pics! have a great sunday!