Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Deanna Patterson Aggregates and Iggitates

This month I got to do some scrapping with Deanna Patterson's Aggregates and Iggitates - wow, that's a mouthful. It's available at nuts4digi.com. As you can see it contains heaps of papers and elements. Love the colour scheme and because there is such a variety of elements it is also very versatile. With doodles, paint splotches, flowers, frames, buttons and flourishes, it's got all the bases covered. There is also premade clusters which make scrapping a breeze for those of us who are a bit challenged in that direction. I really enjoyed using this kit and had planned at least one more layout but the Christmas season caught up with me. So here's my layouts, one kit, two totally different looks.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blog Advent Tour: Our Christmas Lunch

This post is part of the blog advent tour hosted by Marg and Kailana.

Food is always a big part of any celebration with my family. Both Christmas Day and New Years day lunches have their own traditions and particular menus. Now that I'm married I only get to do Christmas lunch with my parents and siblings every second year so I really look forward to it. This year would have been the off year but the rest of the family has taken off overseas for Christmas so we did lunch early. The bonus is that I have some photos to share from this year's Christmas lunch.

My sister-in-law hosted and did a beautiful job of setting the tables. Notice the crackers, the day just wouldn't be the same without the hats, corny jokes and cheap toys.

We have a turkey cooked on the BBQ.
Helping ourselves
My plate
All followed up by mum's plum pudding with brandy custard and cream, yum. Sorry no photo, I got distracted .

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Handmade Gifttags

I started out paper scrapbooking but I don't do it anymore, partly because the mess gets out of control but mainly because I'm cutting and pasting challenged, my handwriting is atrocious and it just never seems to turn out quite the way I plan in my head. Digiscrapping pretty much takes care of all those problems ... and there is that handy undo button.

So if I'm going to do something homemade, it needs to be easy ... I mean really easy. When I was printing out the CD calendar for mum and dad I realised I'd be wasting a bit of paper so I printed out these cute gift tags at the same time. The first is a cute felt Christmas tree from Donna Duncombe's Joyful Season the rest are from her Christmas Doodles pack both at nuts4digi.com. I think they look fantastic and even if you're craft challenged like me you should have no problems ... if you've got kids you could even enlist them to do the cutting for you.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ladybird: Hot LO @ ES

I just noticed my title looks a bit like a text message ... I don't generally do text speak ... so to translate got HOT layout for 12/4 over at Elemental Scraps for this:We got out of the car to do the school pickup that day ... I think Big Girl was sick so that's why she was with me ... and she says "I found a ladybird". As we started to look around we saw that the grass was full of ladybirds, there would have been at least 15 just in the square metre around the door. Luckily I had my camera so I could capture the moment.

I used Donna Duncombe's Shine minikit available @ nuts4digi.com. Isn't it totally gorgeous? Someone commented in one of the galleries about my shadowing but I'm afraid I can't take credit, all the elements come both with and without shadows and I used the shadowed elements on this layout. Yep, all the hard work was already done for me, I just had to do the shadows for the paper.
If you like the layout, I've made a template, you can download HERE.

Monday, December 8, 2008

HSMSHS: Decoration


An object with which to adorn. Show us a decoration n your space today.

We had our early Christmas celebration for my family yesterday at my brothers place ... everyone except us are going overseas this year. My SIL always sets a beautiful table, she used to be an events manager.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Absolute Cuteness Ahead ...

The Boy played the donkey in the nativity play at church last night and this morning ... very, very cute. He did such a good job and really enjoyed himself, joining in all the actions for the songs. He musn't take after Hubby who, I've been told by reliable sources, used to jump down behind the choir stalls and play when he was supposed to be singing at the annual Sunday school concert.

The full body shot ...

Now it's Sunday so that means I pick an entry from my journal. This week is from Wednesday - Acts 15:19

It is my judgement, therefore, that we should not make it difficult for the gentiles who are turning to God

This is Peter in response to demands by a group of Jewish Christians insisting the Gentiles coming to Christ be circumcised. Peter rules against this but does go on to stipulate some things the gentiles should avoid. This can apply to us today, it is very important that we make sure when we share our faith that we don't make requirements out of things that are not central to the gospel. There are many traditions that are not essential to our faith, but in the same way there are also things that may be beneficial to the new believer. It takes some wisdom and a good look at what we are doing to determine what are the essentials and what are beneficial, we still need to make sure we are preaching the full gospel and not a watered down version. This is not what Peter is talking about.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Maling Rd Kristkindle Festival

Yesterday was the girls last day of school, they finished at noon. Little Girl was sick so missed the day, plus the picnic afterwards for her year. She was sick three yimes in her bed so the washing machine got a good workout.

In the evening was the annual Maling Rd Kristkindle Festival so I wandered down with Big Girl and The Boy after tea. It was really hot yesterday and even in the evening the sun had a bite. The place was crowded ... we ran into four girls from Big Girl's class and a couple from Little Girl's as well as one from kinder. There was live music, the salvos got started on some carols which soon caught The Boy's attention.
I told the kids they could pick one ride ... The Boy wanted to go on the tea cups and Big Girl kindly offered to go with him. I refuse to go on rides like that because I get quite bad vertigo and don't want to set off a case that might put me in bed for a day.

The kids got a showbag each and some free jellybeans, and we took home some for Little Girl.

I finished the CD jewel case calendar for my parents today. I used the templates by Emily Powers @ We Are Storeytellers and Donna Duncombe's Heaven Sent @ nuts4digi.com

Here's the complete set of pages.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Brown Paper packages ... and finally November's Mosaic

A number of years ago I bought a huge roll of white paper that I used to use to wrap whatever presents we had ... sometimes it was plain, other times I got the kids to decorate it. We also had a steady stream of paintings brought home from kinder which I also used for wrapping paper. Now don't call me cheap here ... it seemed a waste to throw out all those paintings ... but how many pieces of A5 paper covered in various paint splotches ... and the kids seemed proud to have their paintings displayed like this. Anyway The Boy is not a prolific artist, he's done some paintings but my supply of wrapping paper as dried up, and my roll of white paper has run out too.

I was wandering the aisles of Officeworks the other week and found this ...
a 70m roll of brown paper for $20. I know it's not quite as cost effective as free paintings from kinder but teamed with a pretty ribbon from my box ... makes an attractive wrapper for our Christmas presents. Which ties in nicely with HSMSHS prompt GIFT.
OK the ribbons came from presents we've been given ... you can call me cheap now ... I call it environmentally friendly ... you know recycling and all that.

I've been a bit slow uploading my photos for November, in fact I still have a heap from the girls athletics day ... continuous shooting always seems like a good idea at the time ... I did delete a whole heap but there's still a heap there. I finished uploading my project365 photos for November today, I missed one day this month, which is the first day I missed. Here's November's mosaic.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Teacher's Presents

We made the teachers presents yesterday after school. Here's Little Girl stirring the caramel ...
and the mess part way through the whole exercise ...

We made coconut truffles from AWW Kids in the Kitchen. I probably wouldn't make these again. They were really easy except for the fact that I had to put the mixture in the freezer to get it firm enough to work with and they started to soften on the way to school.
Caramel chocolate slice

Chocolate Balls messy to make but yummy to eat.
The girls picked a Christmas decoration for their teachers to tie on the top ... Little Girl picked this reindeer
Here they all are ready to go to school. I used disposable alfoil containers from the supermarket ... the coconut truffles in separate cellophane bags in case they melted. The gift tags I made using Donna Duncombe's Christmas Doodles.
It's my birthday today. I got all my family and all Hubby's family to put money for my combined birthday and Christmas presents towards a macro lens. It arrived in the mail on Monday ... I only ordered it about noon on Friday, because it was my birthday I set aside a little bit of time to have a play ...
that's me in the reflection:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008



A messenger of god represented traditionally seen with wings. Find a little angel in your space today! (for HSMSHS)

The girls wrote their Christmas cards yesterday. I picked them up at the newsagent for $1 a pack of ten ...
This afternoon we tackle the teacher's presents ... should be fun ... stay tuned ... this will be a major project.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Christmas Tree is Up

It is traditional in our house to put the Christmas tree up on December 1st so I'll let the photos tell the story ...

Well maybe I'll add a few words. This is our nativity scene. When Hubby went to pick up the tree and decorations from dad's shed which happens to be about 40mins away I gave him strict instructions to make sure he came back with the whole nativity ... didn't he do a good job.
This year we are doing a Jesse Tree. Basically we do a bible reading from the OT each day pointing towards Christ then hang an ornament to represent the story. Afterwards we all pick a lolly from the bowl ... that staves off the grumbling due to our lack of cheap chocolate filled character themed advent calendar (read a better explanation here). The branch came off the top of a drought stressed camellia in the front garden and I just grabbed the ginger jar off the mantle ... I probably would have had to put it away to make way for cards anyway. I am using my digi scrap stash to make the decorations and print them out on some photo paper. Big Girl was first up to hang a decoration ... decided to go with oldest to youngest.
As soon as the kids had finished decorating the tree The Boy wanted to turn the lights on but I insisted they wait for daddy to come home for the official lighting up ceremony. Ta Da ...
and here's one without us blocking the view ...
I picked up a beautifully illustrated version of A Christmas Carol from the library so we'll curl up on the couch each night as the bedtime story. I also managed to find the kids Christmas CD down the bottom of one of the boxes.

Also Donna Duncombe is having a giveaway each day until Christmas on her blog. You really should check it out.

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