Saturday, November 22, 2008

The view from my window today

I suppose your all happy you're there and not here ... unless your weather is worse than this. Wind, rain and hail here today ... and it's cold, but we really need the rain so I can't complain too much. It's worse for Hubby, he's over at my sister's place doing some building with dad ... yuck.

Anyway today will be a day for inside I guess ... as long as we keep out of the way of the hail coming down the chimney. I've already managed to get a couple of layouts finished and catch up with posting my CT layouts. Other than that I'll probably just play catch up with some jobs ... soak Big Girls sheets, she had a blood nose last night ... luckily I didn't wash them on schedule ... hmmm ... a reward for putting things off? I also want to do a bit of cleaning, ironing ... don't get too jealous now ... a few things I promised the girls I'd do ... and I'll try and have a look at my rapidly filling up, totally disorganised hard drive.

I'll have to venture out into the weather to get some veges for tea ... it's the perfect weather for a roast and while I'm out we might just pick up book 4 of The Spiderwick Chronicles from the library - it's been on reserve for Big Girl and I got an email that it's in. Anyone else's kids into these books? Big Girl started reading them a couple of months back and she couldn't get this one from the school library ... came home and informed me would have to go out and buy it ... I promptly informed her for both reasons of money and space we would be reserving it at the local library and she'd have to wait for it to be available.

Now a little show and tell ... also known as mummy bragging. My Little Girl made this for the Boy - it's a paper house with heaps of flaps ... I thought it was very cute.

Find the Cat in the House:

At The Boy's kinder they've been looking at The Body. As part of this they trace they're bodies and then they paint them paying special attention to the details ...colours, patterns etc. Here's The Boy's:

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