Monday, November 17, 2008

That's Scary ...

We had The Boy's 5th birthday party on Saturday. My sisters and brother gave him this. It has a voice changer which amplifies the voice. The Boy's 3 y.o. cousin ran away "Don't make that voice it's scary" I'm sure it will be pretty scary at 6:30 in the morning ... not as scary as mummy though. I wish it was a bit scarier last night when Hubby put it on and proceeded to shout bedtime instructions down the hallway. "GET TO BED ... GET TO BED NOW!" For some reason it didn't calm down the giggling, running crazies ... neither did the flying into bed ... may need to re look the bedroom routines.

Anyway I think I've got this low stress party thing down. After the storm trooper helmet was hidden away, it was time for the friends to arrive. On the kids odd birthdays we have a rule that they can invite 7 guests (that's how many we can fit around the table) and it's at home. As the kids arrived The Boy opened the presents then they had a kick of the footy. Next they had something to eat. I used my standard menu - party pies and sausage rolls, mini cups of jelly, cheezels, chips and fairy bread ... oh, and lots of red lemonade ... the party only lasts for a hour so by the time all the artificials kick in they'll be long gone.

Followed by destroying the pinata ... lots of fun ... they made a pretty good go of it ... then Hubby finished it off.Went inside for cake ... in case you hadn't noticed we had a bit of a footy theme going. The Boy's team is The Magpies which are black and white.While we were inside we played pass-the-parcel.Outside again for ice cream cones and some more footy.

The End.

Then we backed up for tea with Hubby's family. BBQ and an ice cream cake.


NadlM said...

great photos..have a great day

Lori said...

Thanks for commenting my blog! Love your party especialy the pinata. Takes me back to my childhood!