Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some things I've been doing:

Started sorting through our junk box this week, it's where we put all the things we couldn't find a place for when we moved in ... unfortunately we've added to it since then ...A couple of months ago I had to find The Boy's birth certificate and after going insane searching everywhere I thought it might be, I found it down the bottom of the box, along with our passports etc. I think it's time to do something about it ... also it's not a good look in the dining room.

I found a square frame up near the top so I did this ...

It's my Counting My Blessings layout. That's about as far as I got with the sorting ... must keep going.


I did end up doing Jessica Sprague's Stories in Hand course the last two weeks. It was excellent ... although all the prompts to help kick start the thinking about what stories to tell are a bit overwhelming ... I guess you just have to take one story at a time. Anyway earlier in the year I decided to do somephotobooks and already have some layouts done and my method was basically to see what photos I had, then go from there. After the course I've changed my mind and now I'm going to sit down and work through what stories I want to tell for each year and go from there.

Reminds me of writing my thesis. I think I changed how I was going to organise all the information about 5 times...which probably added a few months of writing ... paid off though .. I passed without rewrites. I can't think of anything worse than having to go back and rewrite ... or horrors ... do more lab work ... would be especially awkward with a newborn baby ... I digress ...

So my first order of business is to write down my must tell stories for 2008 and then add in a few just for funs and hopefully have a bit of room for some pretty stuff ...


I want to pack up a box of things for the salvos ... I have a small pile already on the mantlepiece in the dining room, so it would be good to get rid of that ... I think I see some toys finding there way in there. Then my dining room should be all ready for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas ... because we were selling our house last year we didn't do any decorating, not even a tree, or Christmas cards ... so this year I've decided to do a bit more ... something each day ... of course I'll share. I have a few ideas already but suggestions are welcome maybe we can exchange links?

Enough ramble ... enjoy your day/night.


LuvsMyFurBabies said...

Loved your site. Nice to see the personal things. I have a few of those junk boxes. We're waiting for when we buy our house and he final move and then I'll organize LOL. Sorry about your baby bird :(

dottie said...

I can relate the boxes that just grow, I have things in boxes from 2 years ago that just moved from one home to another. Have fun decorating for Christmas, I don't have too much to decorate with but we will definitely be having something this year!

Thanks for linking us to your site!