Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Slap Dash Cook ... Part 1.

At the moment ther's no part 2 but I'm sure it won't be long in coming.

On Saturday I decided I needed cook some muffins or cakes ready for the kids lunches. Now, you know how usually in cookbooks it says make sure you measure and follow the directions carefully ... sift the flour ... blah, blah, blah ... I pretty much ignore that advice and have never really had too many problems. The other thing I often do is start a recipe and find I don't have all the ingredients ... I know you're supposed to check before you start cooking.

So my big idea was to make some banana muffins ... I didn't have any buttermilk, but I figured I 'd just use regular milk. So I went to the freezer to get some bananas, I usually throw them in there when they start to get brown ... and I saw a half packet of raspberries. I remembered I had some white chocolate bits left over in the pantry so I had a change of mind and decided to make a raspberry, white chocolate and coconut slice.

I was partway through the recipe and it came time to add the coconut ... but there was no coconut. Now the recipe called for 1 cup so I was just wandering what I should do whether to add more flour. There was only a little bit of flour left in the container so I poured that in ... went to the fridge and found there was only one egg left and the recipe called for two ... at least that solved my problem ... I left the flour as it was and added the egg.

Some mixing and cooking and I finished with a perfectly respectful raspberry and white chocolate slice ... now I should pop down to the supermarket and restock the pantry.

... and some sad news ...We had really wild weather on the weekend and on Sunday we found the eggs had fallen out of the nest. One was stuck in the rose bush, and it was still moving like it was trying to hatch ... I popped it back up in the nest but mummy bird didn't come back.

4 comments: said...

HHow sad about the birdy!

Eve said...

Sounds like the way I cook!!

emilypowers said...

hi there! i don't have a username where you posted your hp layout so i thought i'd pop in over here and thank you for playing with us this week!!! love your photos and the love times 5 subtitle! blessings :).

SarahB said...

Great work with your impromptu baking!

So sad about the baby birdy!