Saturday, November 29, 2008

Majula's Little Friends

This month I worked with Majula's Little Friends Kit available @ This is a gorgeous, fun kit, full of bright colours and cute characters. There are textured,worn solid papers in all the colours plus an assortment of patterned papers as well. The colours are versatile and work with boys, girls or nature photos. There are plenty of realistic elements, the felt birds are very, very cute.

My layouts:Today has been a pretty busy day. We went to the shops first up to get some Christmas shopping done ... the girls had Kris Kringle presents to buy ... so first stop was the reject shop. I managed to get a few more presents brought ... my list is getting smaller, and the girls also picked out some Christmas ornaments to tie on the boxes of truffles we're going to make for their teachers. For those that don't know, I LOATHE shopping, so it was a bit of a trial, I was glad we had a deadline ... Little Girl had a party at noon.

Afterwards we put the net up on the apricot tree, we're hoping to get some apricots to bottle. It wasn't the easiest job because I don't think the trees been pruned for a few years, we only moved in this year.

The Boy had a rehersal for the kids church nativity play which will be next Saturday and Sunday. He's being the donkey ... he had second thoughts though and I had to physically remove him from the car once we got there and carry him in ... as soon as he saw the costumes though and told him how he needed to look after his cousin who is the cow. It worked out well, cousin is younger and needed a little helper and The Boy felt very important. He tried on his costume and he looked so cute ... pics next week.


gabs aka evitangel said...

awesome kit and adorable pages - wow!

michellewaite1 said...

Beautiful kit and great layouts. I would love to have an apricot tree.