Friday, November 28, 2008

I know what a scoundrel wants!

So now you know my secret indulgence - Romance Novels, LOL.

In other news the whole family got up at the school Christmas Service last night to do the bible reading and a prayer. Yes that is me, Hubby, Big Girl and Little Girl ... The Boy held my hand ... I didn't want him to get near the low microphone that the girls were using. The whole thing brought back memories of uni,including a horrible case of butterflies, except this time I didn't have to face up to questions from a room full of professors when I was done ... although hearing my voice magnified throughout the cathedral was a bit off putting. Enough of me ... the two girls did a great job and Hubby and I decided it was good for the kids to see us do something like that too. We didn't even fall down the steps on the way back to our seats. I'd call that a success.


Flergs said...

Good on you! I'm terrified of public speaking.

JanMary said...

Well done for getting up there - a brave thing to do.