Friday, November 7, 2008

I Hate School Projects and Other Things

... am I allowed to say that? We have polar opposites in our house. One daughter quietly gets her homework, completes it and I hardly ever hear about it ... the other one ... well lets just say tears, grumbling and nagging are the order of the day. So we have:

"I don't know what to do"

Me: "You have the sheet with questions, there's the computer, here's a dictionary, just do something"

"I don't know how"

Me: "I've given you the help I can, I'm not doing your homework for you ... I've done enough homework of my own during my own school years"

"What homework did you do?"

Me: "Well my last homework was a 200 A4 page thesis so don't start complaining about your 20 words."

You can see that her chances of getting mum to do her homework are pretty thin by now ... it doesn't help that I would have approached my homework more like my other daughter ... I'm not the one who needed my mother sitting next to me while I did my homework.

So I did try to get Hubby to supervise the homework once ... not so much a success ... apparently the corner got a workout ... so on Wednesday I did the ironing while supervising the homework ... which meant I was on hand for any drama that might occur ...

fun times ... don't get too jealous. The good news after a few tears the project was finished and handed in this morning, and it's the last one for the year.


Apparently the US presidential campaign cost $1.4 billion ... hmmm. I read that some people queued for hours to vote, over here we'd complain if it took 15mins to vote, although we don't have a choice. Still can't work out why it should take that long.


and back to projects, I've got a few of my own that I'd love to do this month and just hoping I can squeeze them in.

  • I'm planning a bit of a blog makeover ... I've even decided what I want to do ... just need to carve out a block of time to do it.
  • Christmas Cards, I need to get a decent photo of the kids. I thought I might do it tonight, I need to do it when Hubby's home so he can get the kids to cooperate and the light in the evening in our garden is beautiful but it's raining today ... hopefully sometime this weekend.
  • Calendars ... I know I'm crazy but I really want to do some little CD calendars this year.
  • The Boy's birthday is this month so I need to organise his party, I sent out the invitations last night so I guess this is one that will be happening now.
  • Christmas presents ... the rest of my family is going away for Christmas so we are having a family Christmas on the 7th Dec so I need to get those presents done by then. The girls finish school on the 5th Dec so time to do shopping will be decreased after that as well.

Add to that Hubby may have an overseas trip or two before Christmas, a boy who keeps raiding the pantry and numerous end of year functions ... I must remember to breathe ...

Stay tuned.


Teri said...

You are a busy busy mom!

Jacinda said...

Hey Melissa, your list of things to do sounds exactly like mine! Except for the blog makeover bit. My dd's birthday is this month too, my oldest dd starts school next week and we're moving house next month, so we're all busy here too.

ScrapShana said...

Oh yes, I have the same type of girls. One who gets right to her project and takes great pride in creating something to make the teacher proud, and another (ironically, the oldest of the two!), that demands my help and doesn't care how it looks as long as she just gets it turned in. *sigh* kids LOL
Reading your to-do list reminds me of how much I have upcoming as well. Oh no!!! Good luck in getting yours done! :)