Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A couple of steri-strips and two stiches later ...

I went out to lunch yesterday with the mums from Little girl's class. It was our annual end-of-year do. Fantastic, had a yummy lunch and a glass of wine then walked back to school to pick up the girls. So I'm feeling all relaxed and lazy because I had 3 courses when The Boy falls off the playground equipment. There's a bit a blood ... raided sick bay for something to fix it up with and our friend who is a GP lets me know it needs looking at.

This is where we have a problem ... I walked so the car is at home ... and I can't exactly make The Boy walk all the way home ... but I'm also not up to carrying him home either. Luckily a mum from Big Girls class came to our rescue, she has a car big enough to fit her 3 kids and the 4 of us as well. In no time we're back home and pick up the car to head out to the doctors.

My sister lives just round the corner from our doctors so I figured I'd drop the girls off there and keep going. As I'm driving down the street I spot my sister walking so I beep, pull over, explain the situation and kick the girls out ... I mean leave the girls with my sis.

At the doctors he steri-strips it and we head back to my sisiters to get the girls. The Boy eats a cookie there and pretty soon there's blood running down his chin again so we head back to the doctors for a second go. Looks alright this time.

Finally get home, dish up baked beans for tea but I'm not sure the chin is holding together. By this time Hubby is home, our doctors is closed but our GP friend is now back at work so we give him a quick call and Hubby and The Boy head out to get it looked at. Finally after 8pm they arrive home with a couple of stitches and a new dressing on the top and The Boy finally goes to bed. Hubby was feeling a bit shaky after the terrified screaming and required pinning down throughout the stitching. It's only been 2 months since The Boy's last repair job, I'm hoping this isn't going to become a regular occurance.

You may or may not have noticed ... I finally got around to updating my blog header, I decided I needed something relaxing, I also rejigged my sidebar while I was playing.


Mousey said...

Oh dear LOL I hope he's on the mend quick and that's the last patch-up job you have to do for a while1

Anonymous said...

ouchie!!! Hope he is feeling better soon and that it heals quickly. My DGS did almost the same thing last week at school and ended up going to the hospital in an ambulance. I have a great pic of the wound so I'll have to scrap it sometime soon.

The blog is looking fantastic Melissa :)


Flora said...

Ouch hope he heals up soon. I've thankfully only had one of these ocassions with my little one and I thought I was going to pass out watching them stitch up my baby..

Lori said...

lol. I had a similar experience this weekend. All is well till my son smashes his finger in the crack of the door and it looks broke. Then I realize the car is in the shop with all THREE car seats. Cant DH think of anything on his own!!!