Saturday, November 29, 2008

Majula's Little Friends

This month I worked with Majula's Little Friends Kit available @ This is a gorgeous, fun kit, full of bright colours and cute characters. There are textured,worn solid papers in all the colours plus an assortment of patterned papers as well. The colours are versatile and work with boys, girls or nature photos. There are plenty of realistic elements, the felt birds are very, very cute.

My layouts:Today has been a pretty busy day. We went to the shops first up to get some Christmas shopping done ... the girls had Kris Kringle presents to buy ... so first stop was the reject shop. I managed to get a few more presents brought ... my list is getting smaller, and the girls also picked out some Christmas ornaments to tie on the boxes of truffles we're going to make for their teachers. For those that don't know, I LOATHE shopping, so it was a bit of a trial, I was glad we had a deadline ... Little Girl had a party at noon.

Afterwards we put the net up on the apricot tree, we're hoping to get some apricots to bottle. It wasn't the easiest job because I don't think the trees been pruned for a few years, we only moved in this year.

The Boy had a rehersal for the kids church nativity play which will be next Saturday and Sunday. He's being the donkey ... he had second thoughts though and I had to physically remove him from the car once we got there and carry him in ... as soon as he saw the costumes though and told him how he needed to look after his cousin who is the cow. It worked out well, cousin is younger and needed a little helper and The Boy felt very important. He tried on his costume and he looked so cute ... pics next week.

Friday, November 28, 2008

I know what a scoundrel wants!

So now you know my secret indulgence - Romance Novels, LOL.

In other news the whole family got up at the school Christmas Service last night to do the bible reading and a prayer. Yes that is me, Hubby, Big Girl and Little Girl ... The Boy held my hand ... I didn't want him to get near the low microphone that the girls were using. The whole thing brought back memories of uni,including a horrible case of butterflies, except this time I didn't have to face up to questions from a room full of professors when I was done ... although hearing my voice magnified throughout the cathedral was a bit off putting. Enough of me ... the two girls did a great job and Hubby and I decided it was good for the kids to see us do something like that too. We didn't even fall down the steps on the way back to our seats. I'd call that a success.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some things I've been doing:

Started sorting through our junk box this week, it's where we put all the things we couldn't find a place for when we moved in ... unfortunately we've added to it since then ...A couple of months ago I had to find The Boy's birth certificate and after going insane searching everywhere I thought it might be, I found it down the bottom of the box, along with our passports etc. I think it's time to do something about it ... also it's not a good look in the dining room.

I found a square frame up near the top so I did this ...

It's my Counting My Blessings layout. That's about as far as I got with the sorting ... must keep going.


I did end up doing Jessica Sprague's Stories in Hand course the last two weeks. It was excellent ... although all the prompts to help kick start the thinking about what stories to tell are a bit overwhelming ... I guess you just have to take one story at a time. Anyway earlier in the year I decided to do somephotobooks and already have some layouts done and my method was basically to see what photos I had, then go from there. After the course I've changed my mind and now I'm going to sit down and work through what stories I want to tell for each year and go from there.

Reminds me of writing my thesis. I think I changed how I was going to organise all the information about 5 times...which probably added a few months of writing ... paid off though .. I passed without rewrites. I can't think of anything worse than having to go back and rewrite ... or horrors ... do more lab work ... would be especially awkward with a newborn baby ... I digress ...

So my first order of business is to write down my must tell stories for 2008 and then add in a few just for funs and hopefully have a bit of room for some pretty stuff ...


I want to pack up a box of things for the salvos ... I have a small pile already on the mantlepiece in the dining room, so it would be good to get rid of that ... I think I see some toys finding there way in there. Then my dining room should be all ready for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas ... because we were selling our house last year we didn't do any decorating, not even a tree, or Christmas cards ... so this year I've decided to do a bit more ... something each day ... of course I'll share. I have a few ideas already but suggestions are welcome maybe we can exchange links?

Enough ramble ... enjoy your day/night.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Looking Forward Template Freebie

This is a layout I did for Novembers Inspired by the Arts challenge @ nuts4digi. Credits HERE.

I've made a template freebie of this layout, which also fits in style with my first freebie.

Download the Looking Forward Template.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Slap Dash Cook ... Part 1.

At the moment ther's no part 2 but I'm sure it won't be long in coming.

On Saturday I decided I needed cook some muffins or cakes ready for the kids lunches. Now, you know how usually in cookbooks it says make sure you measure and follow the directions carefully ... sift the flour ... blah, blah, blah ... I pretty much ignore that advice and have never really had too many problems. The other thing I often do is start a recipe and find I don't have all the ingredients ... I know you're supposed to check before you start cooking.

So my big idea was to make some banana muffins ... I didn't have any buttermilk, but I figured I 'd just use regular milk. So I went to the freezer to get some bananas, I usually throw them in there when they start to get brown ... and I saw a half packet of raspberries. I remembered I had some white chocolate bits left over in the pantry so I had a change of mind and decided to make a raspberry, white chocolate and coconut slice.

I was partway through the recipe and it came time to add the coconut ... but there was no coconut. Now the recipe called for 1 cup so I was just wandering what I should do whether to add more flour. There was only a little bit of flour left in the container so I poured that in ... went to the fridge and found there was only one egg left and the recipe called for two ... at least that solved my problem ... I left the flour as it was and added the egg.

Some mixing and cooking and I finished with a perfectly respectful raspberry and white chocolate slice ... now I should pop down to the supermarket and restock the pantry.

... and some sad news ...We had really wild weather on the weekend and on Sunday we found the eggs had fallen out of the nest. One was stuck in the rose bush, and it was still moving like it was trying to hatch ... I popped it back up in the nest but mummy bird didn't come back.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Eternity in Our Hearts Eccl 3:11

Today's journal entry is from last Monday Eccl 3:11.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from the beginning to end.

Often non-believers dismiss religion as wish-thinking, a man-made construction to deal with our fear of death and explain the unknown ... that is one opinion but the Christian belief is this, that God has set eternity in our hearts and that is why we search for God. We are made complete in relationship with God and until that day we will try to fill that need other ways.

What does it mean to have eternity in our hearts? I think the idea is that we are looking forward to eternal life in the new heaven and earth, when all of creation is redeemed and we long for that now, also this is not just in the hearts of believers but all men.

So when we see injustice we rage against it because God hates injustice.

We talk of good and evil because God is good.

We strive for purpose because God has a purpose for us. If we don't find our purpose in God we will find it in something else.

We love beauty and we create because these are from God.

We strive to improve, to be better, to do better because there really is something better. The idea of utopia is a common thread throughout civilisations.

Lord God, I thank you that we can look forward in confidence because we know that you will triumph over sin, death and injustice, we pray that you will be done here while we wait.

The view from my window today

I suppose your all happy you're there and not here ... unless your weather is worse than this. Wind, rain and hail here today ... and it's cold, but we really need the rain so I can't complain too much. It's worse for Hubby, he's over at my sister's place doing some building with dad ... yuck.

Anyway today will be a day for inside I guess ... as long as we keep out of the way of the hail coming down the chimney. I've already managed to get a couple of layouts finished and catch up with posting my CT layouts. Other than that I'll probably just play catch up with some jobs ... soak Big Girls sheets, she had a blood nose last night ... luckily I didn't wash them on schedule ... hmmm ... a reward for putting things off? I also want to do a bit of cleaning, ironing ... don't get too jealous now ... a few things I promised the girls I'd do ... and I'll try and have a look at my rapidly filling up, totally disorganised hard drive.

I'll have to venture out into the weather to get some veges for tea ... it's the perfect weather for a roast and while I'm out we might just pick up book 4 of The Spiderwick Chronicles from the library - it's been on reserve for Big Girl and I got an email that it's in. Anyone else's kids into these books? Big Girl started reading them a couple of months back and she couldn't get this one from the school library ... came home and informed me would have to go out and buy it ... I promptly informed her for both reasons of money and space we would be reserving it at the local library and she'd have to wait for it to be available.

Now a little show and tell ... also known as mummy bragging. My Little Girl made this for the Boy - it's a paper house with heaps of flaps ... I thought it was very cute.

Find the Cat in the House:

At The Boy's kinder they've been looking at The Body. As part of this they trace they're bodies and then they paint them paying special attention to the details ...colours, patterns etc. Here's The Boy's:

Friday, November 21, 2008

I have been scrapping and The Boy has his uniform

First up my layout for the template challenge on ChrissyW's blog. She runs two challenges a month and gives out a free template each time, definitely worth checking out. I won a voucher to her store with this layout. I'm generally fairly matter of fact with my journaling ... you know, just tell the story ... but I tried to get a bit more of the feelings as well with this one ... I think I like it. Journaling:
Walking by the river
Take our time
Treasures to be found
Seed pods and leaves
Fallen on the ground
To you they’re special
You help me see
You help me feel
Wonder again.
Credits: HERE

My second layout is for this weeks Hodge Podge challenge. It also uses a template given out on the blog. So here's the 5 things I'm most grateful for. The last three aren't in any order ... I love you all the same ... I really do.
Full credits HERE

Most of the product is from Donna Duncombe's Joyful Season available @ This is a great kit, I also used it on my Christmas cards.
This morning we went to get The Boy's school uniform for next year. At first he didn't want to try it on but I threatened to run off with his DS so he decided to cooperate. First were his shorts and shirt. They have a new style shirt that is worn hanging out. The Boy is not very big for his age and we have the smallest shirt they stock but it is still quite big ... only about 2 inches of his shorts peak out from under the shirt and the shorts are almost down to his knees ... at least they fit. He has a polar fleece and socks with the school colours as well. He was getting into it by now and said I could wait outside the changeroom while he put on the sport uniform. I think he'll get a few years out of it ... there's a bit of growing room. After such a reluctant start he then informed me that he was going to wear the trakky daks and sport top home ... so we did a stop at Hubby's work to show him ... it's hubby's old school so there's a bit of history ... Hubby got to reminisce about his trips to Bob Stewarts (that's the uniform shop) ... and the sport uniform is now christened with some pie and tomato sauce.I got a photo a of the mummy bird sitting on her two eggs ... I ended up having to use my zoom ... she's a bit skitish and tends to fly away when I point the camera her way. A camera shy pigeon?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Birds Nest ... and Two Eggs

Some pidgeons have built a nest in the roses near our back door. I can check out the action from the kitchen and my desk. I climbed up to have a closer look yesterday and there's two eggs.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A couple of steri-strips and two stiches later ...

I went out to lunch yesterday with the mums from Little girl's class. It was our annual end-of-year do. Fantastic, had a yummy lunch and a glass of wine then walked back to school to pick up the girls. So I'm feeling all relaxed and lazy because I had 3 courses when The Boy falls off the playground equipment. There's a bit a blood ... raided sick bay for something to fix it up with and our friend who is a GP lets me know it needs looking at.

This is where we have a problem ... I walked so the car is at home ... and I can't exactly make The Boy walk all the way home ... but I'm also not up to carrying him home either. Luckily a mum from Big Girls class came to our rescue, she has a car big enough to fit her 3 kids and the 4 of us as well. In no time we're back home and pick up the car to head out to the doctors.

My sister lives just round the corner from our doctors so I figured I'd drop the girls off there and keep going. As I'm driving down the street I spot my sister walking so I beep, pull over, explain the situation and kick the girls out ... I mean leave the girls with my sis.

At the doctors he steri-strips it and we head back to my sisiters to get the girls. The Boy eats a cookie there and pretty soon there's blood running down his chin again so we head back to the doctors for a second go. Looks alright this time.

Finally get home, dish up baked beans for tea but I'm not sure the chin is holding together. By this time Hubby is home, our doctors is closed but our GP friend is now back at work so we give him a quick call and Hubby and The Boy head out to get it looked at. Finally after 8pm they arrive home with a couple of stitches and a new dressing on the top and The Boy finally goes to bed. Hubby was feeling a bit shaky after the terrified screaming and required pinning down throughout the stitching. It's only been 2 months since The Boy's last repair job, I'm hoping this isn't going to become a regular occurance.

You may or may not have noticed ... I finally got around to updating my blog header, I decided I needed something relaxing, I also rejigged my sidebar while I was playing.

Monday, November 17, 2008

That's Scary ...

We had The Boy's 5th birthday party on Saturday. My sisters and brother gave him this. It has a voice changer which amplifies the voice. The Boy's 3 y.o. cousin ran away "Don't make that voice it's scary" I'm sure it will be pretty scary at 6:30 in the morning ... not as scary as mummy though. I wish it was a bit scarier last night when Hubby put it on and proceeded to shout bedtime instructions down the hallway. "GET TO BED ... GET TO BED NOW!" For some reason it didn't calm down the giggling, running crazies ... neither did the flying into bed ... may need to re look the bedroom routines.

Anyway I think I've got this low stress party thing down. After the storm trooper helmet was hidden away, it was time for the friends to arrive. On the kids odd birthdays we have a rule that they can invite 7 guests (that's how many we can fit around the table) and it's at home. As the kids arrived The Boy opened the presents then they had a kick of the footy. Next they had something to eat. I used my standard menu - party pies and sausage rolls, mini cups of jelly, cheezels, chips and fairy bread ... oh, and lots of red lemonade ... the party only lasts for a hour so by the time all the artificials kick in they'll be long gone.

Followed by destroying the pinata ... lots of fun ... they made a pretty good go of it ... then Hubby finished it off.Went inside for cake ... in case you hadn't noticed we had a bit of a footy theme going. The Boy's team is The Magpies which are black and white.While we were inside we played pass-the-parcel.Outside again for ice cream cones and some more footy.

The End.

Then we backed up for tea with Hubby's family. BBQ and an ice cream cake.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

This weeks verse: James 4:13

Now listen you who say "Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money" Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow.
James 4:13

This was from Thursday and I didn't write down much to go with it. I really don't have much to add now either, just thought it appropriate for the times.

I'm really excited to see what God has planned in our church for the coming year. This year has been a strange and wonderful year for me, God has really spoken to me through my personal bible reading and then he backs it up with teaching at church. So early in the year God challenged me to expand my idea of who He is, to basically let him out of the box I had put him in. Not long after that we had a teaching series God of Mystery which expanded and confirmed what I had been thinking about. Of course God wasn't yet finished and the next major thing that started to pop up was a sense of community, what the church should/could be and wouldn't you know that the next sermon series was Love, Love, Serve which basically looked at a lot of the things I had been thinking about.

Anyway through all this I'd come to the conclusion that the church will only be what God intends when the individual people listen to God, care for each other and get serious about it. Most important was that I do it, that I need to start with myself ... although I have tried to drag Hubby along with me. The thing is I know I'm easily distracted, get bored, lazy, tired, discouraged ... but God is not letting me go ... he keeps pulling me up, pushing me on.

So why am I excited? Well if God has been working on me, he has been working through Alan I'm sure he's working in a similar way through other people in our church, I'm excited to see what he will do, what our church could be.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thank-you to Ellie I've changed to Firefox ...

and my Christmas card is now uploaded and ordered. I can also upload to N4D gallery which is a bonus considering I'm on the CT - giggle. Hopefully the store will work too, I've been getting Hubby to bring home his laptop so I can buy things. The thanks go to Ellie who commented on my last post and suggested I try Firefox ... so I did ... and I'm a very happy girl because it saves me a trip to the office ... plus it does seem to load faster. So if you're having problems you might give it a go.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our Christmas Cards

I made my choice from Sunday's photoshoot and here's the front of our cards.
I used Donna Duncombe's Joyful Season at I tried to upload them for printing but my connection is being a pain for some reason. Some sites I have no trouble uploading and others I just get an error, the shop I chose happens to be one that I have a problem with. I'm getting a bit sick of it actually at the moment I can't upload to flickr, DST gives me an error but they actually go through, TDC hasn't worked for a couple of months and CLD and N4D started playing up last month grrr. Leaving the credits and title blank doesn't help either. Luckily I can upload to my flickr account via pixelpipe so I've just been loading my photos into the galleries from there. Blogger works and so does ES and a few other galleries. Anyway the upshot is that I'm going to have to go into Hubby's work to get my Christmas cards uploaded grrr and double grrr.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

3 Kids and a Dog - A Photoshoot

As promised - the photos from our photoshoot yesterday. I haven't made a firm decision yet on which photo to use. As usual it got a bit crazy, you can see the complete set here.

The first shot ...
The Boy's a bit excited ...A few minor adjustments by my assistant ...Checking that hat's on right ...I said get close not crazy ...

Dad do I really have to be associated with these two ...We're down to 2 kids and a dog ...Come back here ...

Sunday, November 9, 2008


This weeks journal entry is actually from 28th Oct because I was away last weekend so I'm doing 2 weeks at once.
Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let
us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and
let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.
Heb 12:1
I find it very easy to get distracted and bogged down in in life and all the details and distractions can crowd out God's plans in my life. I need to throw off busyness and laziness and keep going with what God puts in front of me each day. Sometimes it can seem like I'm going nowhere but it's worth persevering.

Lord God, help me to recognise the things that stop me from doing your will and help me to persevere even things get tough or even just when it seems like I'm not getting very far.

Today at church we had a pastor swap between the churches of Blackburn Nth so David from One Community came to speak at our church and our pastor went to speak at the Anglican church. There are fairly strong ties between the three churches, especially since we get together each year to put on the Whitehorse Carols by Candlelight together. In the lead up we do a pastor swap and today was the day. David mentioned how powerful it was for the community to see us working together and to see that we serve one God and we are working toward one purpose which is to see his will be done in our local communities. I think God honours that when his people work together for his purposes. I have always considered myself a Christian who goes to a baptist church and I know many people within the church who don't hold that strongly to a particular denomination. The funny thing is it is people outside the church who tend to get hung up on denominations and I often find myself saying no I'm Christian, and trying to explain that the basic beliefs are the same. As far as I'm concerned if you're preaching the Jesus of the bible and doing His will I'll be cheering you on and supporting you no matter what "brand" you are.

We had a fairly quiet day today. Took the kids down to the park for some bike riding and scootering and just pottered around home. Started my calendars and did the photo shoot for my Christmas cards. Of course that ended up pretty crazy, so I hope I got something decent. I'll probably share them tomorrow after I've had a chance to sort through them.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I Hate School Projects and Other Things

... am I allowed to say that? We have polar opposites in our house. One daughter quietly gets her homework, completes it and I hardly ever hear about it ... the other one ... well lets just say tears, grumbling and nagging are the order of the day. So we have:

"I don't know what to do"

Me: "You have the sheet with questions, there's the computer, here's a dictionary, just do something"

"I don't know how"

Me: "I've given you the help I can, I'm not doing your homework for you ... I've done enough homework of my own during my own school years"

"What homework did you do?"

Me: "Well my last homework was a 200 A4 page thesis so don't start complaining about your 20 words."

You can see that her chances of getting mum to do her homework are pretty thin by now ... it doesn't help that I would have approached my homework more like my other daughter ... I'm not the one who needed my mother sitting next to me while I did my homework.

So I did try to get Hubby to supervise the homework once ... not so much a success ... apparently the corner got a workout ... so on Wednesday I did the ironing while supervising the homework ... which meant I was on hand for any drama that might occur ...

fun times ... don't get too jealous. The good news after a few tears the project was finished and handed in this morning, and it's the last one for the year.


Apparently the US presidential campaign cost $1.4 billion ... hmmm. I read that some people queued for hours to vote, over here we'd complain if it took 15mins to vote, although we don't have a choice. Still can't work out why it should take that long.


and back to projects, I've got a few of my own that I'd love to do this month and just hoping I can squeeze them in.

  • I'm planning a bit of a blog makeover ... I've even decided what I want to do ... just need to carve out a block of time to do it.
  • Christmas Cards, I need to get a decent photo of the kids. I thought I might do it tonight, I need to do it when Hubby's home so he can get the kids to cooperate and the light in the evening in our garden is beautiful but it's raining today ... hopefully sometime this weekend.
  • Calendars ... I know I'm crazy but I really want to do some little CD calendars this year.
  • The Boy's birthday is this month so I need to organise his party, I sent out the invitations last night so I guess this is one that will be happening now.
  • Christmas presents ... the rest of my family is going away for Christmas so we are having a family Christmas on the 7th Dec so I need to get those presents done by then. The girls finish school on the 5th Dec so time to do shopping will be decreased after that as well.

Add to that Hubby may have an overseas trip or two before Christmas, a boy who keeps raiding the pantry and numerous end of year functions ... I must remember to breathe ...

Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

2Chicks A Dream Come True

This is late ... but last month my second nuts4digi kit I worked with was 2 Chicks A Dream Come True. This kit is packed full of papers and elements, enough to do a full album if you wanted to. The soft colours are a wonderful to highlight romantic wedding photos. The papers feature elegant patterns and motifs and there are also papers with a ready to go paper curl, pinned by a pearl. There are beautiful ribbons, lace, gold plaques and pearl decorations to enhance your pages. If you have wedding photos I would highly recommend this kit, although it would also suit other formal or feminine occasions.
I have mainly scrapped more recent photos and haven't done any from our wedding. So when I was browsing through the store and saw this 2Chicks kit I thought why not. The next thing was to find the happy snaps from friends ... not an easy task when most of our books and photos are still in packing boxes. I did find them though and scanned a few, so now I have two wedding pages. Seems funny to think this was 11.5 years ago ... although I do have plenty more wrinkles (sigh) ... but I still weigh the same (yay) ... can't say the same for Hubby's head of hair.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nuts4digi Blog Train

Happy DSD (Digital Scrapbooking Day)! Welcome to my little corner of the blog world. Today as part of DSD I am hosting a stop on the nuts4digi blog train.

So thanks for stopping by and here's the link for your freebie:


The next stop on the train is Flora's Blog.

If you have jumped in here and missed the previous stops don't forget to go back to the forums at nuts4digi so you can pick up all the links.

Hope you have a fantastic digital scrapbooking day and weekend ... I'm away without a computer, so no scrapping for me ... oh well.