Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Questions, Questions

I saw an article in the paper the other day about this book - Father Knows Less Or: "Can I Cook My Sister?": One Dad's Quest to Answer His Son's Most Baffling Questions by Wendell Jamieson. This dad set out to get the answers to his son's questions from experts and his extended this to questions submitted by other kids. It made me think about all the questions My Big Girl asks.

We started out fairly easily:

"Why does it rain?" (Age 4)

"Why is the road black with white lines?" (Age 5)

"How will I know how to get places when I can drive?" (Age 6)

"Who will I marry?"

Then we got a bit harder:

"If God is good and He created everything where did the devil come from?" (Age 8)
I introduced the concept of free will in my answer so of course a few days later:
"Why did God give us free will"

"What does sexy mean?" (Age 9)

and the latest about a month ago:

"What if it's all a lie, you know, G-O-D?"
I'm not sure whether she spelled God because she thinks God can't spell or she didn't want the other kids to understand.

I'm really glad she thinks about these things but often she will hit me with these questions out of the blue and at the worst time of day.

Of course they are much more interesting than The Boy's constant question:

"Why is a (whatever he happens to be looking at) called a (gives the name)."
Me:"That's just what someone decided to call it"

and "What's that man doing?"


Eve said...

Sounds like an interesting book!!

Barb said...

So cute! It cracks me up that kids think that we adults know the answers to everything!

JanMary said...

Today I got the question from my 4 year old son "Where does the wind come from?"

Before I got to an answer my son said "Jesus has a big fan and he turns in on. Did you know that?"

Sounds like a great book.

afridigidiva said...

I've actually had to answer those kinds of questions! Kids ask the darndest things.

DawnMarch said...

Wow, your DD sounds like a deep thinker -- definitely a good thing!

Donna said...

*giggles* Love reading your blog Melissa :) Especially the kid conversations and your beautiful LOs - love the ones with Ro's kit. My girl will remember things from waaay back and bring it up when I have totally forgotten - amazing how they time things isn't it!