Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'd like to use public transport but ...

According to an article in the paper yesterday THE car is king: new analysis shows per capita vehicle travel is almost nine times that of public transport

I'm trying to cut down our use of the car by walking more, to the shops and school, in spite of almost daily protests from the boy. Reasons like it helps us stay healthy and we're helping the environment don't cut it with him.

I also don't mind using public transport, in fact for the kids it's exciting and we live in an area where we can choose from the tram, bus or train all within walking distance. The tram is only about 50m away and it runs regularly. A couple of weeks ago we went into the city for the Dream Festival which was a free arts and music festival (thumbs up!) ... we thought why not catch the tram in ... it cost us $24 for the family and we had to scrounge around the house, car and wallets to find that money in coins because they only have coin operated ticket machines on the tram. We decided to do it anyway because the rest of the afternoon was going to be free but they don't exactly make it an attractive option.

I think most people would agree that we want to encourage public transport use so here's some easy things they could do:

Have a family ticket ... yes, public transport is cost efficient when you look at one person but when you're adding up 5 people it would be heaps cheaper for us just to drive in and pay for parking.

They are implementing a new ticket system ... please, please let it take credit/debit cards or at least notes.

Surely these two things wouldn't be that hard, and after they've addressed those they might want to look at making sure a trip that takes 15 mins in the car doesn't take 1hr by public transport because the coverage is so sparse.

That's my complaint for the day. What's the public transport like where you live?

In other business Little Girl has her school concert tonight ... excited, nervous.

Nuts4digi has some special plans for NSD on Saturday so you may want to head over there then and check it out ... you may like to drop back in here too.


Mousey said...

Oh a family ticket would be wonderful! At the moment both our kids are free, but we'll have to pay for DD when she starts school.
I don't travel by bus too much. They are too hard with a pram and two kids (you have to fold the pram up to get on the bus... much too hard with my two!). But we do catch the train when going into the city. The kids love it.

Flora said...

this is great info..i try to make sure if it is walking distance to not drive. but unfortunately public transport is at a minimum where i live. i have to make sure to do more research on it :)