Sunday, October 19, 2008

Further Proof That Mum's are Superheroes and 2Chr12:1

I came into the dining room today carrying two bowls of soup.

The Boy: Wow, you can carry two bowls of soup at the same time.
My Big Girl: Of course she can - she's a mum.

Yep I'm one talented lady.


and now the second part of this post ... I think I've shared before how I keep a journal of my bible reading and the lessons I learn through that so I've decided each Sunday to pick one day's entry from the week and post it here. This week's is from Thursday:
After Rehoboam's position as king was established and he had become strong,
he and all Israel with him abandoned the law of the Lord.
2Chr 12:1
With a position of strength/abundance and plenty comes danger because it is so easy to forget about God. I may start to get proud, and think I attained this position myself, to think that I don't need God. It becomes easy to rely on my possessions or friends or family or talents instead of relying on God - the only thing that is everlasting, that never fails. Lord God, help me to always put you in your proper place, no matter what my circumstances, the things of the world do not last, I never want to put them before you.

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