Saturday, October 4, 2008

Driving Home

This is the last of my posts about our recent holiday in Noosa. The others are Melbourne to Noosa, In Noosa We ... and Dreamworld.

On the trip back we had a bit more time to stop and see a few things but unfortunately I had a bad earache the first day so I wasn't really up to taking lots of photos. I did get one of the view from Picnic Point at Toowoomba.

The next day we visited the Diprotodon at the information centre in Coonabarabran.
Then headed off to the Warrumbungle National Park. Plenty of wildlife. On the way out to join the highway and head to Gilgandra I snapped this shot. In Gilgandra we stopped for lunch and had a look at the Cooee display where men started marching to Sydney to recruit soldiers during World War 1. We had afternoon tea at the Parkes telescope - "The Dish".

Golden fields of canola north of the telescope.Sunset just out of West Wyalong. Now if you thought I was finished I have one more treat for you. My mum loves the quirky mail boxes you see travelling round Australia so this is for her:


Ellie said...

Spectacular photos! tfs :)

Monique said...

Beautiful photos! It's nice to see you took the time to enjoy the trip, that's what we did when we went on a road trip in August, getting to our destination was just as fun! And don't you just love those yellow fields?! We have them here and I just can't get enough of the bright yellow! Have a great day!

SarahB said...

Great photos! Hope you are feeling better now!

Laura M said...

Your photos are amazing. Wow! Thank you for sharing.

Mousey said...

We had a school excursion to the Warrumbungles waaayyyyy back in Year 8 ROFL
I have memories of wandering around in the bush for ages after our teacher took the wrong turn and we ended up taking the long way to our destination ;o)