Monday, September 8, 2008

This Could be Relevent

This continues my conversion story. After Hubby’s declaration and my decision to find out about this thing that was important to him he asked me to visit his small group. They were going to have a special night where one of the pastors was going to visit and run a hypothetical. That night blew away a few misconceptions about Christianity that I had and left me eager to learn more.

They weren’t weird – well no weirder than me

Christianity wasn’t just a whole heap of fun spoiling rules but maybe offered a framework to answer a whole heap of life’s questions and to make good decisions in diverse situations.

Here was a couple with 3 children of their own willing to take a group of twenty year olds under their wing, to make time for them, listen and teach and just share their lives. At times they must have wondered where we were heading – Hubby was often heading to the nightclubs after small group. They became my first mentors and I still have a huge respect and admiration for them and the way they led this small group.

Subsequent weeks involved in depth discussions of many of the areas we had touched on in the hypothetical. I realised that this Christianity thing could be relevant in my life. The next step would be going to a church service.

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