Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Looking Forward to Friday

We leave to drive to Noosa for our holiday on Friday and it will be a relief to get on the road. Before then I have three sick kids home from school and a fair bit to do.

Sleep - I'm desperate for some decent shut eye but not having a heap of success the last few nights , sick kids and all. Doing long hours of driving it will definitely be safer if we're well rested.

Little Girls birthday invitations - I know it's kind of last minute but I kept thinking I've got plenty of time but now I don't so I better get a move on. I'll need to post to family and friends before we leave.

Pack - this will involve getting up into the top of the cupboard to pull down the summer clothes. I got Ethan some sandals last week but I haven't checked the girls yet so I may have to go to the show shop, if the kids are up to it.

Clear the memory cards and and charge the camera batteries.

Clean the house and do the the washing - I don't want to leave the house dirty for a couple of weeks.

Work out some places to visit and where to stop on the drive - I've started that but I need to do a final pick and also print out locations etc.

I need to make a few phone calls because I have a couple things I'm going to miss while I'm away.

I need to take in last summer's shorts.

Buy My Little Girl a birthday present because we get back the day before her birthday.

I'm sure there's more but I better go and stop procrastinating.

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