Monday, September 8, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

This weekend we were going down to my parents holiday house to help with some gardening but unfortunately The Boy had a birthday party Sat afternoon that he said he really wanted to go to so we decided Hubby and the girls would go Friday night and I would follow on Saturday. When The Boy realised Hubby was heading off without him he chucked the hugest tantrum. In the end I told him if he didn't be quiet he could sleep outside. Screaming reduced to periodic whining and for a diversion the two of us went off to my favourite takeaway to pick up some dinner. That was exremely exciting for him, he took his ballon to show the lady and enjoyed the vietnamese springrolls.

The party the next day was at the church where The Boy does kinder which you think would be a good thing except that I pretty much have to carry him in to kinder every morning. They had a magician though and once he got started The Boy got into it and even participated in the show at one point.

I made lasagne for tea which got rave reviews all round, it was the first time I'd used that recipe and we got down to the house about 5:45pm. The girls had had a fun day catching lizards.

Look I don't know what they're up to, it doesn't look too enjoyable for the one on the bottom though. The Boy got stuck into his lolly bag - ooh that sweet and tangy taste of Whizz Fizz.
Next day the boys all got out early for some more gardening. The Boy did a good job sweeping the sand off the pavers. The girls were inside because they were both struck down with nasty viruses. I was introducing mum to flickr.

Then it's time to get changed and do the Father's Day stuff. You'd think that would be pretty easy but we had a fair bit of angst over the getting changed. Finally we managed it.

Here's the gang out to lunch. We're missing my brother, SIL and their 5 kids so a bit smaller gathering than usual.The Boy with Aunty. He's trying to get out of the photo.

Keeping amused while we wait for food.

Father and son ...
Son trying to poke daddy.
My Big Girl having a rest - the panadol was starting to wear off.My dad's favourite party trick.

and as the final encore My Little Girl had a coughing fit after her icecream and vomited all over the floor.


Barb said...

Looks like a great weekend!

Charlie's Nana said...

Oh, yuck, for your Little Girl. But thanks for sharing all of your great pictures of your memorable weekend!

Mary said...

Love family gatherings like that looks like a wonderful time and I made ziti this weekend. lo
The same thing happens to me w/ice cream I try not to each to much of it for that very reason.. hmmmm

LuAnn said...

Poor girl! great photos - esp. the one where GrandDad was popping his teeth out!! LOL

Angie (mighty-nice) said...

Hilarious party trick!! Too funny! I've stopped by to say, "Hi!", courtesy of the blog train. I'd love a visit from you: